Beyonce to Mathew Knowles “Back Off Old Man…I Got This Now!”

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Bey is finally putting her foot down when it comes to her dad meddling in her business:

Beyonce Knowles is finally telling her manager and father, Mathew Knowles, to back off. Continue »

Amber Rose and Kanye West: He Put Her On

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We told you Kanye was the best thing to happen to Amber Rose since flavored lubrication. This is the new promotional ad for Louis Vuitton. Everyone knows that the closest Amber would have came to a Louis promotional ad is rubbing it on the bus stop. Is Rose F*cking for ad’s???

Pop it to see more… Continue »

Toni Braxton Impersonator Asking For Your Help

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The Toni Braxton impersonator we reported on a while back, Trina Johnson, is pleading for your help with her legal woes:

A rep for celebrity impersonator Trina Johnson-Finn who was arrested in Suriname and charged with fraud for performing as Toni Braxton, has released a statement saying her client has been held “under corrupt conditions” since early March. Publicist  Billie Jordan said Johnson-Finn’s proof of innocence “was clearly established.” In accordance with the law, U.S. booking agency RNRH Entertainment employed Johnson to impersonate Braxton, according to Jeter. Johnson-Finn states: “I am completely innocent. I was hired to do a tribute imitation act for a birthday celebration.”… Continue »

Keyshia Coles’ Sister Neffe Pregnant Again and Frankie Acts Like Cluck Head

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Neffe is pregnant with her 5th child, and doesn’t seem to be too happy with her fiance’, soullow, for spreading his unwanted seed: Continue »

Rumor Control:C-Mili Admits to Just Fu*kin for Tracks (Not Marrying for Them)

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Christina Milian has squashed all the engagement talk, and wants everyone to know she is most definitely only f*ckin’ for tracks: Continue »

Toni Braxton Impersonator Popped for Holding Fake Concert

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A Toni Braxton impersonator is locked up after trying to pass herself off as the real Mccoy out in the Caribbean: Continue »

Ne-Yo Comes Out the Closet About Whitney Houston’s New Album

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Neyo and Whitney

Ne-Yo is telling people that Whitney’s got her mind right, and only wants to focus on the positive music:

He says, “People are expecting something fantastic and I think they are going to get it. Whitney doesn’t want any sad songs on this record. She isn’t going for tear jerkers. She’s happy raising her children and wants her music to reflect that. It’s already sounding great”.

You are right Ne-Yo. We don’t want to hear about how she beat the crack monster, and her divorce, or her stupid healing. We want to hear about this wonderful life she has had, and the way she just breezed by the last 10 yrs to this point. SMH


Kim Kardashian’s Sister Mad at People Dissing Her Swirl Steez

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Khloe Kardashian contacted us and wanted us to give a little shine to her venting tirade about swirling she did on her blog:

Recently though my site has been bombarded with cruel and unnecessary remarks about race and I can’t sit back and keep my mouth shut any longer. I personally am shocked that in this day and age people are still so judgmental and racist — it blows my mind! I was raised to believe that all people are created and viewed as equals and never judged by something as meaningless as the color of their skin! I guess I am blessed to have parents that didn’t brainwash me and cloud my thoughts with their petty views. I was raised to judge a person by their spirit and heart. I base my opinions of people by how they treat me and others. Point blank! How does one person’s color,… Continue »

Ashanti and Sister: Hit and Miss

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Ashanti came to D.C. looking to get the President in trouble, busting all out of that dress at the Hip-Hop Summit Action Inaugural Ball. Peep Ashanti’s linebacker little sister, Q and Dawn, O’ Dog, and more when you pop the hood…

Continue »

Kanye’s Making All the Right Moves

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Kanye has been receiving quite a bit of praise for his blog recently:

Bryan Calhoun, VP of new media and external affairs at Sound Exchange, is a consultant to Kanye and states the rapper is “very active with communicating with his fans” Continue »

New ATL Housewife???

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Rumor has it that Dorys is coming on to the ATL Housewives bit, hopefully to interject some class.  Our sources say that she has been wanting to be a part of it since the beginning, but conflicting schedules made it hard for her to be put on board. The source says it is not official yet, but we may see Dorys, Dr. J’s wife, this upcoming season.

Looks like Lisa might have some competition in being the sexiest housewife next season. We can hear sound of hair ripping clean off of a scalp already.

Daddy’s Girls: Angela and Vanessa Simmons

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The girls are out in Hollyweird and they have invited new additions, Jessica(r) is the cousin, and Alycia(l) the friend, to join them on their new show, Daddy’s Girls. Oooh…those two new additions looks just good enough to steal some shine. Let’s see how this is going to play out. Check out the trailer when you click Continue »

The Dream on His Way to Chop Down Rihanna?!?!

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The Dream is probably dreaming with his accusation of being on his way to rendezvous with Princess RiRi. That is some kind of disrespectful to Chris Brown. That big thang in the video put hands on drunk ass Dream, and wrangled that chubby bookworm into that truck with no problems, though.

*Exclusive* Vibe Blows The Lid on A. Keys & Swizz Beats Scandal in Tabloid Cover

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Vibe Tabloid Cover

Bossip has received an exclusive look at Vibe’s 08′ tabloid issue, which is juicier than Deelishis’ cakes. The pic above is a page ripped right out of the mag that puts the A. Keys and Swizz Beats affair on full blast: Continue »

Celeb Association: Obama’s Win Made “Black” Fashionable

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This is adopted son Moises De La Renta (son of Oscar), #5 on the list of Black Fashionables to invite as a party favor, or decoration: Continue »


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