Daddy’s Girls: Angela and Vanessa Simmons

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The girls are out in Hollyweird and they have invited new additions, Jessica(r) is the cousin, and Alycia(l) the friend, to join them on their new show, Daddy’s Girls. Oooh…those two new additions looks just good enough to steal some shine. Let’s see how this is going to play out. Check out the trailer when you click Continue »

The Dream on His Way to Chop Down Rihanna?!?!

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The Dream is probably dreaming with his accusation of being on his way to rendezvous with Princess RiRi. That is some kind of disrespectful to Chris Brown. That big thang in the video put hands on drunk ass Dream, and wrangled that chubby bookworm into that truck with no problems, though.

*Exclusive* Vibe Blows The Lid on A. Keys & Swizz Beats Scandal in Tabloid Cover

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Vibe Tabloid Cover

Bossip has received an exclusive look at Vibe’s 08′ tabloid issue, which is juicier than Deelishis’ cakes. The pic above is a page ripped right out of the mag that puts the A. Keys and Swizz Beats affair on full blast: Continue »

Celeb Association: Obama’s Win Made “Black” Fashionable

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This is adopted son Moises De La Renta (son of Oscar), #5 on the list of Black Fashionables to invite as a party favor, or decoration: Continue »

What is Wrong With This Picture???

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This is Keyshia Coles’ sister Neffe, and her stylist. We can’t quite put our finger on it….

What is Wrong With This Picture???

Jury Convicts Hosea Thomas of Murdering T.I.’s Best Friend

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The Jury did not take long to convict Hosea Thomas in that random act of thuggery that killed Philiant Johnson:

It took a Cincinnati jury less than a day to render a guilty verdict on Wednesday (November 26) in the murder trial of Hosea Thomas. According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, the jury convicted Thomas on all 11 counts he faced in the 2006 shooting death of rapper T.I.’s boyhood friend and assistant, Philant Johnson, 26, including murder, five counts of felonious assault and illegally having a gun after a felony conviction. Thomas will be sentenced on December 23 and faces a minimum of 20 years in the case, which hinged on the devastating testimony of the defendant’s brother, who was driving the car Thomas was traveling in on the night prosecutors said he opened fire on T.I.’s entourage.

Lock that dumb @ss up and throw away the key. F*ck a thug.


$20,000 Fit for Colby O’Who??

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At the Interscope Records AMA after party, we spoke to some D-Listers in music like this Hispanic cat, Colby O’ Donis, who has a song with Akon. The hoody and the jeans have real diamonds and cost $10,000…a piece. The name of the line is Konquest. We are in a recession, so who is checking for that kind of gear?


Elise Neal Wants To Give Kanye Her Mathematics

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At the recent AMA Interscope records after party, Bossip chatted it up with Elise Neal where she revealed her interest in the most humble man on Earth, Kanye West. When we let her know that Yeezy was on the prowl and looking for a new chick, her response was “slip him my number”. Continue »

Young Gumbel Gets Popped For DUI

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Brad Gumbel, 29, was popped recently for sleeping in his whip:

LEWISBORO – The 29-year-old son of TV personality Bryant Gumbel has been charged with aggravated driving while intoxicated after troopers pulled him over for driving erratically on Route 35, state police said today. Bradley C. Gumbel of Waccabuc was charged with the drunken driving misdemeanor in the Nov. 16 traffic stop around 3 a.m. at Mead Road, police said. Troopers stopped him after watching him swerve a 2005 Toyota 4-Runner SUV in and out of his lane, police said. When troopers approached his truck, they noticed that there was damage to the front passenger side and that the front passenger tire was unstable. The truck was towed. Gumbel was asleep at the wheel and had a strong odor of alcohol on his breath when a trooper approached him, police said. He did not know how his vehicle was damaged, police said.

Since we all know the Gumbel’s are known for thugging, this should be a cut and dry case. Who are we kidding, this little nicca is probably scared sh*tless with the prospect of doing time in county. Ya’ll think little Gumbel could handle it?


All’s Well That Ends Well

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It was a star studded event for the finale of TRL Live in Times Square, NY. A host of stars popped up to show their support like Diddy, Nelly, Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, 50 Cent, and Teyana Taylor.

Of course your girl, Bey, was in the house and she seemed to have forgotten her mechanical glove at home (don’t all clap at once). We really wish she’d take a cue from TRL and just let that thing go, already.

More pics from the event below.

A bunch more when you lift up the hood… Continue »

Tyra Touches 50 Cent’s Yuck Mouth

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Bugs Monkey played down the gangster persona in a Tyra interview during which she felt compelled to finger his bullet wound like it was some kind of magic lamp. Bugsy looks like a happy puppy with that ear to ear grin.

Take a gander at him licking her makeup, yea you read that right, licking her makeup…

Continue »

The New Smith Era Begins: The Next Karate Kid

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It looks like acting is in the blood for the Smith Family, and Will’s little man, Jaden, will be the next Karate Kid:

BCK reported last year in December that actor Will Smith’s son Jaden would be starring in a new version of the 1984 film “The Karate Kid”. More details are being released to further confirm 10-year-old Jaden’s role as the Karate Kid. Variety reports that the film will be produced by Jerry Weintraub (who launched the original franchise) and Overbrook Entertainment’s James Lassiter, Will Smith and Ken Stovitz. The film will be shot next year in Beijing and other cities and will center around the original plot of a bullied youth who uses Karate to stand up for himself.

Jaden’s film credits include ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’(in post-production) and ‘The Pursuit of Happyness.” The original Karate Kid featured actor Ralph Macchio

We always love to see a beautiful black family pass the success down and start a tradition. However, they must be careful because it is not uncommon for Hollyweird children to turn out, well…weird.

Fill in the blank: Little Jaden will have a________ Hollyweird career.


No Cents Making Sense

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Bugs and Bette Midller, opened up the Curtis Jackson Community Garden yesterday in Queens:

The two joined forces Monday to celebrate the opening of “The Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson Community Garden” in Queens, New York. “I called and nagged him,” Midler said, describing how she got 50 Cent involved with the garden. “His G-Unity Foundation gives a million dollars away every year in grants to non profits all over the city … They’re just brilliant.” The garden (the most recent endeavor for Midler’s New York Restoration Project) is located in Jamaica, Queens, where the rapper grew up. It will mainly serve as a living classroom for neighborhood school children to learn about how food grows.“I wish I had this to come to when I was growing up around here,” he said. “The opportunity to create this garden for the youth and the community is a great one.” “Besides,” he noted, “When Bette calls you don’t say ‘no.’ Not if you want your reputation to stay the way it is.”

Look at Bugsy trying to clean up his image. At least he trying to set a good example even if it is nothing more than an obvious tactical move.

More pictures of the good deed below.


A.Keys and Solange in Germany

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We don’t imagine that many Germans bought tickets to see Solange, but they did get to gawk at her in this goofy 12yr old Mexican style dress. Alicia Keys was in the country as well, and Solange played on the fact that the Germans might buy tickets thinking it was A.Keys. Poor Germans.

Pictures of both of them below.

More when you pop open the hood… Continue »

The Games’ Sister Shot in Compton

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Who is this banger you ask? It’s B-FLY, The Games’ sister and aspiring rapper. While on a porch in Compton on Oct 14th, she was struck by a bullet from a moving vehicle. Is it news? Yes, because we have not had a rapper shooting in months, hell, maybe a year. She probably will blow up now; it worked for 50. Here’s an excerpt from her myspace page:

Never did i think when i woke up it could really be the end of my days…But i truly believe in God!!!He has granted me another day at life , another day to love, another day to breathe, another day to bounce back, and anotha day to praise him for life. I have really found the true meaning of life and that is to” live it to its fullest” every second of the day, not to take things for granted ….and to bless everything that i have. I had so much to complain about until this brush with death surfaced but now i know that everything in my life has its purpose and place. People will always have their opinions but I know me and what im about.

“Death is more universal than life; everyone dies but not everyone lives.”

Thanks for dropping that little gem of knowledge, B-Fly. Expect to hear her on a burned copy of the Game’s CD.


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