Keeping Up With North West: KimYe Planning To Show Their Lil Celebrity Seed To The World On Kris Jenner’s Talk Show Debut

KimYe has decided on date for little miss Nori to make her limelight debut Continue »

Who Is My Hollyweird Dad???

Mario Van Peebles and his daughter Morgana go for a stroll together

This pretty young lady is the daughter of an actor who has been in the game for a minute…. Continue »

Celebrity Seeds: Kris Jenner Says Swirly Bundle Of Joy North West Is “Healthy And Happy”

midori makeover parlour 260912

We”re glad North is healthy and happy now because with a name like that, baby girl has a hard road ahead. Continue »

Guess This Preciousness: Which Back-In-The-Day Sitcom Star Does This Celebrity Seed Call ‘Daddy?’

This pint-sized princess is growing up fast….can you guess which celeb is her proud papa? Continue »

Fugazi Baby: Thirst-Bucket Check Chasers Try To Sell Fake Pics Of KimYe’s Directional Bundle Of Joy!

EXCLUSIVE: Pregnant Kim Kardashian goes for a stroll with Kanye West

Kim suspected there were some shady folks in her circle, looks like she was right… Continue »


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