Jason Kidd Fined $50K For Spilling Drink On Court


Jason Kidd’s off-the-court antics have once again taken a chunk out of his salary. Continue »

Girls Twerk On Subway Train Tracks In The Name Of “YOLO” [VIDEO]


No man (or woman in this case) is exempt from bouts of stupidity in their youth but sometimes the mistakes can be fatal. Continue »

Miley Cyrus Named Among “Least Influential Celebrities” By GQ

twitter miley cyrus 140812 Maxim may have named Miley Cyrus the hottest celebrity of the year—bolstering her climb to sit with pop’s juggernauts—but GQ magazine is seeking to cut her off at the knees. Continue »

Chica Is Cray: Brazilian Woman Tries To Sell Virginity Again

Catarina Migliorini

Mi gente, we reintroduce a true loca. Continue »

Man Proposes To Girlfriend During Rap Battle [VIDEO]


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Alex Rodriguez Checks MLB Commish, Denies PED Use [VIDEO]


Alex Rodriguez has been having a rough couple of months. Continue »

Hi Rihanna: Usain Bolt Still In Hot Pursuit Of Rih, Says He’s In Love

Usain Bolt

The fastest man on the planet can’t seem to catch up with the one thing he’s been chasing the hardest these days— RihRih. Continue »

Study Says Thousands In Jail For Life Over Nonviolent Offenses

photo of man on jail In jails across America, individuals are serving lengthy jail sentences over minor, nonviolent offenses because of mandatory sentencing laws. Continue »

Grinnell’s Jack Taylor Scores 100+ Points In NCAA Basketball Game, Again [VIDEO]

jack-taylor Jack Taylor has done the unthinkable. Continue »

Pipe Dreams: 11 Celebrities Who Smoked Crack, Allegedly


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Lil’ Kim’s Ex-Boyfriend Ordered To Take Anti-Psychotic Drugs To Stand Trial For 6 Murders


A lot of women say their ex is crazy, but if Lil’ Kim says so, trust us, she’s serious. Continue »

Live Nation In Talks To Buy Management Companies For U2, Madonna


This could be a huge power move. Continue »

Alexander McQueen Flagship Store Accused Of Discrimination

It saddens us to hear about another case of discrimination, but alas, we’re not surprised. Continue »

No Jodas! Zoe Saldana’s Esposo Gets Tattoo of Her Face on His Arm


All we gotta say it… Zoe Saldana’s new esposo is spruuuung. Continue »

Chief Keef To Pick Up Horse Sh*t For Community Service


Despite having what some people would call a promising rap career, Chief Keef has shown more of an affinity for jail than flourishing in rhyme. Continue »