Can’t Knock The Hustle: Why I Believe A Relationship Will Get In The Way Of My Career Ambitions


I hustle hard. As cliché (and almost corny) as it sounds, I thrive off of working hard and coming up with new ideas to put into action. Continue »

New Study Proves What We Already Knew: Most Plus Size Clothing Is Horrible


Of course now that I have lost a couple of inches in the waist – from a size 14/16 to a size 10 Continue »

Should You Have To Sign A Contract Of Consent Before Sex?


A new bill working its way through the California legislation will likely revolutionize the way college campuses and students consent to sexual activity. Continue »

Bump Some Bedrest: Woman Completes 800 Meter Run While 34 Weeks Pregnant


At eight months pregnant most women don’t want to stand for longer than ten minutes, let alone compete in a race. Continue »

Fellas: 12 Reasons Why A Women Would Rather Remain Single Than Date You


One of the more reoccurring relationship questions black men, in particular, ask– or the one I see most online–are around why a woman doesn’t want them. Continue »

How Is Floyd Mayweather Of All People Judging A Woman By Her Attire?


You know, I used to get mad whenever celebrities didn’t speak on topical, but very important issues. Continue »

Things They Don’t Tell You: Jacob The Jeweler Implicated In Mining Scandal Swaziland


It appears that everybody’s favorite gaudy jewelry maker is in hot water again – this time internationally on allegations of some shady business dealings in Swaziland, which is the last remaining monarch in Africa. Continue »

Stevie J Ordered To Undergo Drug Treatment After Testing Positive For Coke


Earlier this month, we told you that Steven “Stevie J” Jordan had been arrested for allegedly owing over $1 million in child support to ex-girlfriend, Carol Bennett. Continue »

Forget Fake Booties, Artificial Vajayjay Are On The Way…And It’s A Good Thing


Huffington Post is reporting that a New York Magazine infographic is shedding light on advancements in technology and stem-cell research which are making it possible for women to soon be able to receive prosthetic vaginas. Continue »

Heard It All Before? D’Angelo’s Manager Says New Album Is Coming, “Sooner Than Later”


Fourteen years ago D’Angelo captured our hearts with his second album “Voodoo.” Continue »

The Dos And Don’ts Of Meeting Your Man’s Kids For The First Time


Meeting your partner’s kid for the first time can be a very frightening experience. Continue »

How B. Scott’s Gender Discrimination Lawsuit Against BET May Have Backfired

NOH8 Campaign 2nd Anniversary Celebration

In April, we told you that a judge dismissed media personality B. Scott’s gender discrimination lawsuit against BET Networks. Continue »

Jagged Edge Says Today’s R&B Singers Are A “Fading Class Of Artists”


Regardless of the fact that Jagged Edge hasn’t been in the mainstream as of late, there’s no denying the R&B quartet used to crank out hit after hit after hit in the late 90s and early 2000s. Continue »

Notorious B.I.G’s Mother Voletta Wallace Speaks On Lil Kim Feud: “She Was Parading Around National TV About Biggie, The Love Of Her Life.”


The Notorious B.I.G. may be resting in peace, but it’s anything but that regarding the rap legend’s mother, Voletta Wallace, and Lil’ Kim. Continue »

Who’s Afraid Of Friday? Fun Facts About Unlucky Number 13


As one of the freakiest days of the year, Friday the 13th has a way of raising our hairs and making us extra conscious of our surroundings. Continue »


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