Pull Out For What? ‘Titanic’ Actress Kate Winslet Addresses Criticism Over 3 Baby Daddies- “I’m F***ing Grown!”


Kate Winslet says she should be free to love all the D she wants… Continue »

Raunchy Matrimonydom: Amber Rose Puts Her Slorey Sex Life With Wiz On Blast – “I’d Sit On His Face Right Now”

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LisaRaye Goes In About Black Women Acting A Fool On Reality TV – “I Don’t Appreciate It…Kids Are Watching!”

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Chit-Chatter: Mimi Faust Says She Feels Tara Wallace’s Pain & Talks New Book Details

Mimi says she can relate to Tara’s side-wife struggle… Continue »

Rumor Mill: Is Kerry Washington’s Marriage Already On The Rocks Because She Puts Career Before Family?


Is Kerry channeling too much of her inner Olivia Pope in real life? Continue »

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