ChitChatter: Lamar Odom’s Baby Mama Liza Morales Talks Relationship With Khloe, The Loss Of Their Son Jayden, And Her New Book!

This is one “basketball wife” that has avoided all the drama and fawkery. Continue »

Peace, See Ya Later: Solange Knowles Chunks A Deuce To Carol’s Daughter Over “Wrong Message” About Natural Hair

Soli says she is not the leader of the natural hair movement Continue »

New Jersey Cracks Down On Cheesy Smiles In Driver’s License Photos

Better not even think about “putting a smile on your face”… Continue »

Bye Bye Bacon! All That Crunchy Pork Is Going To Be Hard To Find Next Year

Whatever the reason behind the low numbers, you may want to enjoy your Ham a little bit more this Holiday season! Continue »

Money Mitt Tells The Uninsured To Get Their Azzes To The ER

“Well, we do provide care for people who don’t have insurance”… Continue »


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