ChitChatter: Basketball Wives’ Banger Laura Govan Talks Beef With Gloria, Reality Show Boycotts, And Moving To BBW Miami

Leave it to Laura to keep it funkier than a old batch of collard greens Continue »

Heidi Klum “Yes, I Admit The Bodyguard Is Beating My Mommy Cakes Into Bits And Pieces… Damn!” [Video]

Heidi Klum discusses her split with husband Seal in ELLE Magazine

Poor Scarface, he comforted Heidi when she was cheated on while pregnant with another man’s baby Continue »

F*ck An Ex Vice President Thug–Dick Cheney’s Got No Love For Barack Or Respect For 9/11

Out of respect for 9/11, all of the politico propaganda stood still for the day, as both parties agreed to not run ads or address any Election-related GOP isht… Continue »

Ho Sit Down: Clifton Powell Says That His Shady Rape Accuser Beyotch Is A Damn Lie

“Pinky” said he ain’t do isht to that lady Continue »


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