Money Mitt Tells The Uninsured To Get Their Azzes To The ER

“Well, we do provide care for people who don’t have insurance”… Continue »

For Your Viewing Pleasure: Cassie Says “I’m Just A Laid-Back Person” And Toots That Thang Up For GQ

Cassie rings

Cassie is back to doing what she does best in the new issue of GQ… Continue »

True Or False??? Did Kanye West Tell Kimmy Cakes She Has To Lose 20 Pounds To Look More Like Bey-Bey?!?!

Ye is like Gepetto to Kimmy’s Pinocchio…SMH Continue »

ChitChatter: Alicia Keys Talks About Her New Album, Being “On Fire”, And Why Bey-Bey Collab Video Wasn’t Released

Funny how someone “on fire” could be so cold out here in the streets Continue »


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