ChitChatter: RihRih Refuses To Stay Away From Breezy, Says “I’m Still Going To Do What I Want To Do”

Rihanna Chris Brown

Rihanna Covers May Issue Of Elle, Says “I Don’t Have Anything To Hide”

It doesn’t take a genius to figure that RihRih loves living dangerously Continue »

Kush Chronic-les: Oprah Bobs-And-Weaves When A Fan Asks Her Point Blank If She Used To Be A Piff-Puffer Back In The Day!

Oprah Winfrey dodges a fan's question about her past marijuana use

Oprah Winfrey Dodges Questions About Smoking Grass

Oprah used to “kiss the sky”??? Continue »

ChitChatter: RihRih Says Blue Ivy Is “Unreal” And She’s Jay-Z’s “Beautiful” Twin!

Rihanna Blue Ivy

Rihanna Talks About Seeing Blue Ivy Carter, Calls Her “Unreal,” “Perfect,” “Beautiful” And “Jay-Z’s Twin”

Thirsty for more info on the offspring of hip-hop’s hottest couple? Continue »

Kush Chronic-les: Sean Paul Quits Smoking Dem Tweeds, But Still Gets His Greenery Drinking Dank Tea

“We Be Burnin'” Reggae Artist Sean Paul Trades Smoking MaryJane For Sipping “Green” Tea

SEAN PAUL has released hit singles called We Be Burnin’, Gimme The Light and Ever Blazin’ – yet there are few references to smoking tweeds on his new album, Tomahawk Technique.

Laughing down the phone to The Sun, he explains why: “I’ve found a different method to, how shall I say, consume. I make tea with it every day now.”

The Jamaican star continues: “I don’t smoke any more. After 15, 16 years of smoking every day it was bad for my voice. I was having trouble breathing, man.

“Giving up has opened my chest out and made me able to sing better.

“I haven’t smoked for two years now. I have a cup of tea every mornin’ and I’m good for the day.”

Sounds like our cup of tea! Sean Paul put us on with some brewing tips please!

Source WENN

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In Homophobic White Folks News: 9/11 Hero’s Mother Rips Carson Daly A New One For Questioning Her Gay Son’s Heart!

Carson Daly is reprimanded by the mother of a gay 9/11 hero

Carson Daly Reprimanded By Mother Of Deceased Gay 9/11 Hero

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Freaks! Saucy “Hunger Games” Actress Says Swirly BFF Zoe Kravitz Stripped Down In Front Of Her The First Time They Met

Zoe Kravitz Jennifer Lawrence

“Hunger Games” Star Jennifer Lawrence Talks About Seeing Zoe Kravitz With No Clothes On The First Time They Met In New Issue Of Rolling Stone

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