Lil Jon To Be On New Season Of ‘Celebrity Apprentice’

Lil Jon

Trump meets Crunk. Continue »

BREAKING NEWS: Tip’s Headed Back To The Clink For Almost A Year!!!

T.I. Clifford Harris Tip

T.I. went to court ready to fight today! Six lawyers, two days off a random act of heroic kindness, interviews about how he’s been touched by God, a teary apology. He was READY! Continue »

Alicia Keys And Swizz Beatz Lil Bundle Of Joy Has Arrived

Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz at the Keep A Child Alive Black Ball

Alicia Keys has been looking ready to POP lately, and early this morning BOSSIP got the news that congratulations are in order! Continue »

More Thanks To His Psychiatrist… Ron Artest’s Crazy Finally Pays Off

Ron Artest Steve Wolfson Keys to Las Vegas

Are you planning a trip to Las Vegas next year? Maybe you should go visit on Ron Artest Day. Continue »

Lil White Chocolate AKA Justin Bieber Is Pimping The Sh*t Out Of These Little Girls Pocketbooks

Jaden Smith Justin Bieber and Jasmine Villegas yachting in Hawaii

The name of the game is branding, and we s’pose we should be more understanding that now that lil Justin Bieber is at the top of his game it’s time for him to make some of that merchandising bread. Continue »

Kimmy Cakes Goes Bucky Nekked Again!!!

"Kim Kardashian naked in W Magazine"

Kim Kardashian has said more than once that she regrets disrobing for Playboy, but we’re not exactly sure why, since not only does she seems pretty comfortable in her own skin, but she’s actually gone on to go even more naked for the latest issue of W Magazine! Continue »

Boris Kodjoe Is JET Beauty Of The Week Along With ‘Undercovers’ Co-star Gugu Mbatha-Raw

Boris Kodjo Gugu Mbatha Raw cover Jet Magazine

Boris Kodjoe and his Undercovers’ co-star Gugu Mbatha-Raw cover the upcoming issue of JET Magazine. Continue »

German GQ Cheek Checks Rosario Dawson For Some Cover Cakes

Rosario Dawson German GQ

Rosario Dawson brought her backs to the cover of the latest issue of German GQ. Check out lots more photos below: Continue »

Some Afternoon Matrimony-dom: TV And Radio Personality Egypt Shares Her Wedding Album

Egypt Sherrod's Wedding

Syndicated TV personality and radio host Egypt Sherrod is the latest celebrity to share her big day with Essence Magazine’s “Bridal Bliss.” Continue »

Forbes Salutes Power Women And First Lady Chelly-O Is Making It Rain On Them Hoes!

Michelle Obama

Forbes Magazine is following up their Forbes 400 list with a Power Women Issue lead by none other than our First Lady Michelle Obama! Continue »

See What Taking A Bath Can Do?!?! Amy Winehouse Gets Her Own Clothing Line

Amy Winehouse

Now that she’s back to bathing regularly, Amy Winehouse is out to prove that she can do a better job of dressing other people than we’ve seen her do with herself. Continue »

Cleopatra Keys And Swami Beatz Want To Name Their Baby _________!

Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz

We’ve been ragging on Alicia “From Homewrecker To Housewife” Keys and Swizz “Philandering Father Of Four” Beatz about their noticeable nod to Egypt and even further east in their clothing as of late — including Alicia’s Indian Tikka she’s been wearing to everything lately and Swizzy’s turban. It seems the couple’s international obsession will continue with their new baby’s name! Keep reading to find out the planned name, and sex of their royal progeny! Continue »

Study Shows Big-Bodied Bangers Live Long And Prosper Like A Muhfugga

cakes collage

We always knew cakes were healthy!!!

A heavy rear can guarantee your chances of living longer, says a new study. Continue »

The Bid Is Almost Over: Weezy’s Leaving Rikers In One Month And Guess What He’s Going To Do First

Lil Wayne and Reginae Carter

Lil’ Wayne’s managed to remain on his best behavior at Rikers Island, which means he’ll be home a month from today, four months early. Continue »


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