Uncle Tom Paparazzi Tells Paula Deen “How Do You Make Fried Chicken… Black People Still Love Ya” [Video]

“Despite you calling us the N-Word… We still love ya!” Speak for yourself!

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30+ With A Texturizer Sellout Youtube Pastor Goes Off On Mike Brown Not Being A Good Little Black Boy! [Video]

This punk would rub the back of an overly aggressive flat-foot…

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Black “GOP Favorite Boy” Ben Carson Weighs In On Mike Brown Shooting “Cops Are People Too” [Video]

And THIS guy is the GOP’s front runner candidate for presidency?:

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Meet The “Watermelon Seed Spitting Champion” [Video]


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How Funny!: Did You See Big Loni Love’s Pole Dancing Lessons On Ellen? [Video]

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Where’s The Dignity?: Wiz Khalifa Plays Tom Hanks’ “Lil Black Helper” On Kimmel [Video]

Come on, Wiz… we know it’s Christmas and all, but “The Lil Black Helper?”

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In White Folks Offensive News: Saturday Night Live Clowns Black Stereotypical Movies Making “White Christmas” For White Folks [Video]

Hollywood does not care how stupid and ignorant these movies are… they want that stereotype loot. Are you offended?

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