Pure Sellout?: Sean Fury Makes Video “Snow” About The Beauty Of White Women [Video]

How could he put this overweight waitress in his music video?

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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Ep. 3: Top 6 Moments, Catch Fades, And Check Yourself [Video]

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Ebro Tells Mona Scott To Her Face “Your Shows Are Embarrassing To Watch Around White People” [Video]

Mona doesn’t see or chooses to ignore the correlation of cooning in her VH1 shows… maybe that’s why she’s the figurehead for it all.

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Candidate For Castration: Pregnant Ex-Girl Rams New Pregnant Girlfriend With Car And Baby Daddy Says It’s Because “He’s Handsome” (About To Have 6 Kids) [Video]

This Shawty Lo mindset and behavior in the black community needs to be clipped at the balls.

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