Pure Comedy, What the Hell, SMH & Coon of The Day: Ellis Lanksder Can’t Be Serious…

This was live last week. A post game interview with Ellis Lanksder starts and ends with the most “like-ums” we have ever heard. Rumor has it that the boy was on shrooms. SMH

Poor guy…

Coon of the Day: Lil Boosie Talks About Popping Pills…In the RECTUM!


When Lil Boosie was talking about Ecstasy in a recent interview, things got carried away and Boosie started bragging about putting “E” in girls’ backsides: Continue »

Coons of The Day: Two Families Get to Scrapping In the Emergency Room!!!


This family feud went down in a waiting room in their local hospital. The young “man” pictured above was beating a woman with his family… yeah, you read that right. When the two families got into it, canes and fists started flying like Frisbees. This is a hot coon mess…

Pop it and watch the hospital riot. Continue »

Become an Instant Rapper…


Want to get in the rap game without knowing the right people! Pop the hood and we’ll show you how! Continue »

Coon of the Day: Protestor Packs Assault Rifle at Obama Speech…SMH


Just when you think things are hot, it’s suddenly stifling! It’s starting to get scary out here y’all. Granted we’re not a generation of activists, but we might have to bust out the black fists and afro picks in the near future. Continue »

Coons of The Day: Two White Girls Try to Convince a Hindu Girl that She is Going to Hell

2 dummies copy

Now, you know this little girl “Molly” is a cretin when in the beginning of the video she says, “I had two friends over, one regular and one Indian.”

Pop it and watch the way these two bird brained white dummies treat this Indian girl and tell her she is going to hell if she does not do what “they know” is right… Continue »

Coonery at its Finest… What the Hell is an Auto-Coon?


There is a new term called an auto-coon that was created for the t-shirt photo’d above.  What is an auto-coon you ask?

Continue »

Jeezy says… “Give Vick a football and a Gatorade… Let’s Get it” What?


Young Jeezy did an interview with Sway and says that Pacman should take the advice of a professional before entering scrip’ clubs. Jeezy also talks about Michael Vick.

Pop the top to see the interview Continue »

SMH: White Folks Are Going Too Far With This Commercial… But What About The Sistas In It, Are They Coonin???

Our boy Slide sent this video tip in and initially, we got pissed at the white folks, but our attention quickly turned to the stereotypical black females in the hair salon. The sisters part is a response that sounds like a white person trying to imitate a black woman. SMH

Which is worse; the white folks that made and star in this commercial or the sisters jiving in it?

JD, Nelly, and Pacman Jones Make It Rain In the Club… Before Shooting

Pacman Jones, Jermaine Dupri, and Nelly are all seen in this video footage from 2007 All Star Weekend, in Las Vegas, Making It Rain on strippers. This video was shot shortly before a gun man shot up the club.

Pacman Jones reportedly spent $100,000 dollars at the scrip club that night and reportedly socked up a stripper. Jones is not on a team at the moment and with him performing those kind of coon antics, we hope he never gets a chance to see that kind of money again. What a waste! Don’t spend it on the kids in your community, spend it on strippers!

Coon ass!

Coon of The Day : “I Love Chicken” Song

This is a brother singing about how he loves “chicken” in front of mostly white people. SMH&LOL at this coonin sh*t and the chicken in the studio giving him the “OK”.

Click Here to Watch

Pure Comedy: Dancing In The Church Part 2!!!

Thanks to our reader, Slide, the infamous “Dancer in the Church” has been identified as Brother Franklin. Franklin is a school teacher who is seen in the videos worshiping the Lord inside a Nigerian church in Texas. Brother Franklin is filled with the Holy Ghost yet again, so he pop locks?


Click Here to Watch

Pure, Crackery, Coonery, and Comedy: Dancing At The Tithe Table

Crack is a very powerful drug people. The effects can take a toll on the mind and make people act foolishly… even in church.


Click Here to Watch

Random Ridiculousness: Juelz Shows off His Coonery

Juelz Santana

This is ridiculous. Why are we buying into this coonery? Juelz may show off his jewels but we know he doesn’t have jack in the bank. Buying a bunch of iced out ish and stashing it in a Louis Vuitton trunk doesn’t make you rich, it makes you dumb. SMH

Quote of The Day: Terrence Howard “Reagan Has Been More Revolutionary in Reaching Ethnic Communities Than President Obama”

terrence howard 1

Terrence Howard sells lemonade outside of the Ritz-Carlton to raise money for the child cancer charity, Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, with his son.

Also, the other day he was talking about the relevancy of President Obama and got severely out of pocket:

Hustle and Flow” actor Terrence Howard came to Washington last week and revealed to Green and Glover some political views that deviated sharply from the usual Hollywood groupthink.As if that wasn’t politically incorrect enough, the suave, soft-spoken Oscar nominee went on to say: “I don’t think President Obama has been that revolutionary in reaching out to ethnic communities. President Reagan did a lot for the black community that people don’t realize.” Continue »


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