Ohhhh Lawd: Simple Broads Have Joined The Illuminati!


SMH. Somebody lay hands on this chick and pull her life together. Continue »

When Stupid Humans Get Attacked: Man Gets Jumped By Spider Monkeys After Swimming Into Their Zoo Cage

Man Attacked By Spider Monkeys After Attempting To Play With Them In Their Zoo Cage

People clearly don’t give alcohol enough credit for being a helluva drug too. Continue »

For Discussion: Which Other Celebrities Would Make You Boycott A Tyler Perry Movie?

People are up in arms over Tyler Perry casting Kimmy Cakes in his latest movie. They’re so angry that they might boycott! Continue »

Can Cain Please Sit Down Now? Hermie Says That Liberals Killed Jesus!!!

herman cain

Our favorite soft shoe-in politician is at it again. This time, he’s talking about Jesus! Continue »


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