Nine Signs You’re A Jealous Lover

Okay ladies. You’ve found someone special. He or she is making your heart flutter and your toes curl on a regular basis and they seem more than happy doing that. Yet you just can’t quite relax and enjoy the feeling for fear they may be participating in some…extracurricular activities, if you will.

Here are a few signs of a jealous lover; if you find you identify with too many of them, it may be time to change your ways or change your partner…

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Chelsea Handler Says She Can’t Handle Bugsy’s Big Black Beefcake-ness

chelsea handler 50 cent hug kiss in bed

Yeah right, Chelsea “I flirt with every black man” Handler:

Like most things in Chelsea Handler’s life, she isn’t taking her current relationship too seriously. Continue »

How To Dump Your Guy Without Hurting His Ego

Just recently, your relationship has taken a stumble or in other words, it’s hit the skids! Continue »

Happy Birthday, John Legend!! But Where’s The G.O.O.D. Music Fam??

John Legend Christine Teigen Rendez-Vous New York City

John Legend celebrated his 32nd birthday a week and a day late in NYC yesterday. Continue »

Evelyn And OchoCinco Take Their Made-For-TV Love Overseas

Chad OchoCinco Johnson Evelyn Lozada Miami International Airport

Now that he doesn’t have Playoffs or the Superbowl to worry about, Ochocinco whisked his future Celebreality co-star wife Evelyn Lozada to Spain for a little R&R. Continue »

Little J. Bieber Takes His Mackin’ To The Caribbean… And Selena Gets Death Threats???

Justin Bieber Selena Gomez St. Lucia

Now that the whole world knows they’re probably doing the nasty, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are getting their PDA on all over the world, to the chagrin of so many little girls. Continue »

Celebs Whose Sex Lives We Think We Might Want

Jada Pinkett-Smith Will Smith

Magazines, blogs and “reality” shows are designed to give us regular folks a peek in to the (allegedly) exciting lives of our favorite (and least favorite) celebrities. Continue »

Hoy In Mi Gente News: A-Rod & Cameron Diaz Look Mighty Official In LA

Cameron Diaz Alex Rodriguez In LA

Cameron Diaz and Alex Rodriguez were spotted heading out to lunch on New Year’s Day in L.A. Continue »

Is This The Year Nelly & Ashanti Stop Fronting???

Ashanti Nelly Haze Nightclub Las Vegas

According to some old wives tales, how you spend New Year’s Eve pretty much dictates how you’ll spend the year.

So this should be an interesting year in “We’re Not A Couple”-Land for Nelly and Ashanti, huh? They rang the New Year in all coupled up at Haze Nightclub in Vegas.

Happy New Year, lovebirds!

Love On The 50 Yard Line: A Look At Celebrity NFL Couples Past And Present

Just like NBA players, some of the NFL’s biggest and most unknown players have found love with a woman who can upgrade their celebrity status. Even though, with footballers, they’re usually the ones elevating wifey’s lifestyle.

Flip through to see some of our favorite past and present celebrity NFL couples.

Some Mid-Morning Swirl: George Lucas And His Girlfriend’s Holiday Vacay

George Lucas and girlfriend Mellody Hobson spend time in St Barts

Everybody and they damn mama is in St. Barth’s this hoilday, and George Lucas and his girlfriend Mellody Hobson Continue »

BDR Spotted With Another Lil Young Thang In St. Barth’s

Russell Simmons and girlfriend in St Barts

Russell Simmons is constantly getting his old man mack on. Continue »

Guess Who Wakes Up To This Dope NYC View Every Morning

When he’s in NYC, this suspect R&B singer, his six Grammys and his model girlfriend crash in this swanky 1,350 square foot apartment. No wonder he makes good music. Can you guess who calls this crib home? Continue »

Some Christmas Man Banger

Edgar Davids Olcay Gulsen

Ladies, this is Dutch soccer player Edgar Davids. Continue »

In White Folks With Black In-Laws News: Kourtney’s STD Is Still Around

Kourtney Kardashian Scott Disick Shopping

Here’s Kourtney K doing some last minute Christmas shopping with her baby daddy. Every time she tries to leave, Scott’s D. keeps pulling her back. Continue »

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