Poor Thang: Nicole Scherzinger’s Multi-Culti Swirl-y Love Thang Is A Wrap After Four Years

Nicole Scherzinger And Lewis Hamilton Split After Four Years

How sad! Nicole Scherzinger finally lands her first consistent post-PCD check, and it costs her the gorgeous young tender who never minded her lack of income. Continue »

Chit Chatter: Elise Neal Says She’s Not Surprised Her Ex-Boo Thang Rozay Collapsed, Puts His Crew On Blast

Elise Neal Speaks Out About Ex-Boyfriend Rick Ross' Recent Health Scare

Not that Rick Ross not being the picture of health came as a shock to the rest of us… Continue »

Hoy In Mi Gente News: Little Yayo Faced Bruno Mars Bagged Rocsi From 106 & Park

Bruno Mars and BET VJ Rocsi Diaz Reportedly Dating

Dayum! How did you rapper types let this happen right under your noses? Continue »

To Which Reality TV Non-Wife Does This Engagement Ring Belong?

Reality TV Star Shows Off Her New Engagement Ring

Under the guise that she was showing off her favorite nail color, one of the unmarried TV “wives” you love to hate showed off this massive rock on Twitter on Tuesday. What a beautiful token of her massively dysfunctional relationship. Can you guess who’s hand this is? Continue »

Love & Hip-Hop Pt. 2: Our Favorite Dysfunctional Hip-Hop Couples Over The Years

Dysfunctional Hip-Hop Couples

Last week when we were counting down the list of Hip-Hop relationships we’ve loved over the years, we came up with more than a handful of couples that probably should have never been together. Continue »

Kush Chronic-les: Wiz Khalifa Waxes Philosophical About His Love For Amber Rose And Mary Jane

Wiz Khalifa On Loving Amber Rose And Mary Jane

Even if Wiz Khalifa didn’t stay rapping about his love of Marijuana, his interviews and conversations would give up instantly give up his pot head status. Continue »

Coupled Up: Toccara’s Show The Ultimate Merger Comes To A End… Who’s Her New Man?

The-Ultimate-Merger-Promo- Toccara

Season 2 of TV One’s The Ultimate Merger finale aired last night with skinny thick curves Toccara. Continue »

Almost Secret Matrimony-Dom: Jason Kidd Upgrades His Baby Mama Porschla Coleman To Official Basketball Wife Status

Jason Kidd and Porschla Coleman Marry Over The Weekend

Man, these two are really good at keeping their isht quiet! And they weren’t even trying this time. Continue »

Today In Disfunctional D-List Love: Laura Govan Says It’s Back To All Good With Gilbert Arenas And He Put A Ring Back On It

Laura Govan Announces Reconciliation With Gilbert Arenas, Plans To Marry

Ladies, is it just us, or could the man who left us with four kids, including a newborn, never get so much as the time of day from us again in life? Continue »