Tiger Uses The Kids As An Excuse To Break Into Elins Crib

Tiger Woods Stalks Elin

Let the baby daddy drama begin! It looks like Tiger Woods is back to chasing his bottom Becky. Sources say the beleaguered golf baller used his kids as an excuse to gain access to Elins crib and snoop through her personal items while she was away. Continue »

Eva Longoria’s Love For Tony Parker Was As Permanent As A Tattoo

Tony Parker Eva Longoria Tattoo

Like many a fool in love, Eva Longoria once commemorated her happiness with ex-hubby Tony Parker by getting tatted up. Continue »

Rumor Control: Scarlett Johansson Is Pissed, Did Sandra Bullock Break Up Her Happy Home??

Word in Hollyweird is that newly divorcee Scarlett Johansson is not happy with he ex-husband Ryan Reynolds trotting around town with his new thang Sandra “Rebound” Bullock. Continue »

When The Checks Stop Coming In: Kelis Just Lost $300,000 For 2011

Kelis Nas Child Support

Actually, we really don’t feel too bad for Kelis. Continue »

Keepin’ It 100: Ted Williams Story Is Great, But It’s His Ex-Wife That Deserves MAJOR Props!!

At this point the world is enamored with the story of Ted Williams, the homeless man with the amazing radio voice. However, after Ted became a junkie Continue »

Dirty Dog Diaries: Eddie Cibrian Was Too Broke For Child Support, But Not LeAnn Rimes’ $85K Engagement Rock

LeAnn Rimes Engagement Ring

We wanted to feel these two homewreckers and their “you can’t help who you fall in love with” crap. But this is ridiculous. Continue »

For Discussion: If The Love Is Gone, Should You Leave The Marriage Or Wait For Love To Return

Jennifer Williams Eric Williams Basketall Wives VH1

Last night’s episode of VH1′s “Basketball Wives” featured a very uncomfortable, albeit way overdue conversation between the show’s one original married couple: Eric and Jennifer Williams. And it raised a few questions. Continue »

Hank Baskett Tells Kendra: ‘You Better Getcho A** To Minnesota!!’

After watching their reality show you would think that Hank Baskett and Playboy bunny wife Kendra were star-crossed lovers, but new reports depict a different story entirely…

Sounds like there might be trouble in paradise for Kendra Wilkinson and her footballer hubby, Hank Baskett. Hank is reportedly fed up with Kendra’s partying ways and is sick of living apart from her and their 1-year-old son, Hank Jr! “Hank is starting to resent not having his wife and son around,” a pal tells InTouch. “He gave her an ultimatum: Live with him in Minnesota during football season, and he’ll live with her in L.A. during the off-season — or it’s over.”

Well, as people know, Kendra is happy in Los Angeles and has established a life there. She apparently just isn’t willing to pack up and move to the cold of Minnesota. “Kendra refused his offer,” says the pal. “She thought she wanted to settle down and play house, but she longs for her old lifestyle,” says an insider. “Kendra misses being single.” And that is not going over well with Hank. Opposites may attract, but Kendra and Hank might just be “too different,” the insider says. “Hank’s traditional and Kendra likes to party. She’s just sick of being married!”

Looks like Hank better keep an eye on his basket, because ol’ girl has a rep for being a lil loosey-goosey, don’t go out like Kanye homie! Some of these hoes ain’t sh*t!


Yo’ Girl Has Gone Wild: Joe Francis Wife Splits His Azz Only 1 Month Into Marriage!

The Girls Gone Wild creator Joe Francis has lost his wife already. Continue »

When The Checks Stop Coming In: Nicole Murphy Blew Her 15 Million Dollar Divorce Settlement On Bullsh*t

eddie murphy Nicole

Damn, Nicole!!!

Eddie Murphy’s ex wife Nicole has blown her massive $15 million divorce settlement in just four years – and now she’s millions of dollars in debt. Continue »

Soccer Star Landon Donovan Wants His Soon To Be Ex-Wife To Cut The Check

Landon Donovan Bianca Kajlich divorce

We thought being the international face of U.S. Soccer came with dividends. Continue »

Julia Stiles Says She’s No Homewrecking On-Set Jump-off

Julia Stiles

Uh-oh! Looks like our favorite down-azz white girl Julia Styles has gotten herself into a bit of controversy. Continue »

In White Folks News: Scarlett Johansson And Ryan Reynolds “End Their Marriage”

scarlett johansson ryan reynolds

WTF is wrong with that Ryan Reynolds breaking up with such a fine specimen:

After more than two years, Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds have decided to end their marriage Continue »