Say It Ain’t So, Brother! Was Hulk Hogan Practicing His Bodyslams On His Wife Back In The Day?

hulk hogan wife

What kind of role model are you supposed to be, Hulkster? Continue »

What Happened In Jill Scott’s Kitchen To Make Her Walk Away From Matrimony-Dom?

Jill Scott opens up about food and divorce

Jill Scott recently had a chat with a British publication about how certain food experiences have affected her life. Continue »

Dirty Dog Diaries: Arnold Schwarzenegger Breaking Off Estranged Wife Major Guap For Child Support

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shiver

Although the Sperminator’s not yet officially divorced, he’s been paying his ex a hefty amount for child support: Continue »

Divorces: A.I.’s Wife Is Done With Him… For Real This Time

Allen Iverson and Tawanna Iverson at their August 2001 wedding

Ain’t no future in your frontin’! Isn’t that what they say? Continue »

Sh*t Is Real In Arizona: Bitter Man Kills Five People In Four Separate Incidents Over A Divorce Case

Shooting in Yuma Arizona murder suicide

You keep thinking we’re not on a collective downward spiral if you want to. Continue »


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