Caption This: Scorned Broads On The Prowl

Mashonda Tifrere and Jennifer Williams

We came across this photo of “Basketball Wives'” Jennifer Williams and “Love & Hip-Hop’s” Mashonda Tifrere all gussied up, hitting the town. Continue »

Poor Thang: Eva “Woman Scorned” Longoria Says She Doesn’t Want To Get Married Again

eva longoria wedding

Poor wittle Eva Longoria and her cougar cakes isn’t sure if she’ll ever jump the broom again: Continue »

Never Let You Go: Women That Stuck With Dirty Dogs Even Though They Knew About The Cheating…Would You?

vanessa kobe bryant

Divorce is all around us these days. And it’s mostly the man’s fault. But sometimes women stick with their men through thick and thin. Continue »

Hold The Phone! Man Forced To Pay Ex-Wife $14,000 Because He Withheld Sex From Her!


Damn, we heard it was cheaper to keep her, but we didn’t know it costs less cash to smash. SMH. Continue »

Quote Of The Day: Marc Anthony On Why He And Jennifer Lopez Split “This Is Not A Funeral, We Broke Up Just Because It Wasn’t Working”

jennifer lopez marc anthony break up


Marc Anthony says that he and Jennifer Lopez split for the simple reason their marriage didn’t work anymore. Continue »

Dirty Dog Matrimony-dom: Tiki Barber Puts A Ring On His Lil Blonde Homewreckin’ Becky!

Tiki Barber Traci Lynn Johnson Ginny Cha

His divorce from the mother of his four kids isn’t even final yet, but Tiki Barber is turning his lil intern ho into a housewife. Continue »

Kris Humphries Is Surprised To Find Out Kim Was Already Married On Keeping Up With The Kardashians! [Video]

Kris Humphries Is Surprised To Find Out Kim Was Already Married! [Video]

Rumor Control: Will And Jada Issue Joint Statement To Kill All The Split Chatter

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith

Looks like “Da Nile” ain’t just a river in Africa! Continue »

MAMA NOOOOOOO! Will And Jada Are Calling It Quits Too???

Rumor: Will Smith And Jada Pinkett-Smith Separating After 13 Years Of Marriage

If this is true, there is officially no hope for the institution of marriage. Continue »

Do Not Answer: Marc Anthony Is Apparently Calling And Bugging J. Lo To Get Back

j lo marc

Looks like Marky Marc is realizing that he made a huge mistake when he ruined things with J. Lo. Continue »


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