One-Time Looking For D-Wade’s Wife

Dwyane Wade and Siovaughn Wade

SMH. D-Wade’s lawsuit-happy wife didn’t show up to court today. According to TMZ: Continue »

SMH: Kelis Barely Allowing Nas To See His Son Knight

Nas and kelis

Some things in life are just uncalled for and Kelis is easily making herself the top contender for being b*tch of the year. Continue…

Robin Givens To Iron Mike: “You Best Keep My Name Out Yo’ Mouth When Gossiping It Up With Those Old Broads From The View”

Mike Tyson and Robin Givens

Iron Mike Tyson is slated to make an appearance on “The View” tomorrow, and Robin Givens is pissed:

A source close to the ABC gabfest says that Tyson’s ex Robin Givens is livid that he’s appearing on the show. Continue »

Swirl Matrimony-Dom Gone Wrong: Kim Kardashian’s Ex-Husband Is Coming Out The Woodwork And Coming Hard Calls Kim A “Fame Whore”

Damon Thomas and Kim Kardashian

Damn. Kim Kardashian‘s ex-husband, Damon Thomas, is finally speaking out on their 4-year marriage back in 2000. We wonder why it’s taken buddy so long to come out with all of this, (maybe it’s all those stacks he owes to Nicole Murphy, SMH) but dude is certainly coming for the jugular…explains about Kim’s jealousy, plastic surgery, and obsession with fame…Details on the flip. Continue »

Nas To Judge And Kelis… Straight Up: “I Can’t Pay This Wingless Bird $10,000 A Month!”

Everyone knew problems were on the horizon with Nas having to pay $10 G’s a month to Kelis for spousal support and a gang more in back support. Well, all of his money is hid now and his lawyer made a request to the judge: Continue »

DAMN!!! Gabrielle “Break-A-Union” Is Being Sued By D-Wade’s Ex-Wife For Literally Breaking Their Union Of Marriage!!!

Siovaughn Wade Sues Gabrielle Union

SMH. Irony is a motherf*cka. Siohvaughn Wade, D-Wade’s ex is suing both Dwyane AND Gabrielle Union for f*cking up her marriage.

Pop it for the details!!! Continue »

Lil Cheetah Lawyers Up

"Tiger Woods"

With 121 reasons he should not be married, it looks like Tiger’s getting ready to formalize things so he can be a swinging single again. Pop the hood. Continue »

Larry’s Ex-Wife Says Both He And Shawn Were Having A “SWINGING” Good Time

"Larry King And Wife Shawn Southwick At Dodgers Stadium"

Apparently all these folks working themselves into a frenzy over the scandalous affairs of Larry King and wife Shawn Southwick have been wasting their time! If Larry’s last ex-wife — Julia — is to be believed, both Larry and Shawn were well aware of each others dalliances and perfectly okay with it. Pop the hood for details. Continue »

Don’t Let Your Man “Tiger Woods” You! How To Tell If He’s A Keeper Or A Creeper…

Tiger Woods Bruises

Jim Carrey caught a little flak when he said Tiger’s wife Elin HAD to know about all those hoes, but experts say getting a clue shouldn’t have been that hard. Pop the hood for a few tips. Continue »

Dirty Dog Diaries: Piece Of Sh*t Tiki Barber Out Flossin His Young Blond Floozy While Wife Was In The Hospital For A Week Fighting Pregnancy Complications

tiki barber mistress traci johnson ginny barber

Tiki Barber ain’t sh*t:

He was running around town with his young mistress — while his pregnant wife spent a week in the hospital Continue »

Tiger Woods Could Care Less About A Divorce, Caught Kickin It With Fellow Swirler Michael Jordan While Wife And Kids Are Away…

Tiger Woods Bruises

SMH. Lil Cheetah knows he’s gonna be happy as hell to be a free man. He’s so happy that he has been seen out clownin’ and chillin’ with Michael Jordan, playing golf, smoking, stoogies, and the whole nine: Continue »

Larry King’s Wife Was Shopping For Caskets When Not Doing Guys In The Old Man’s Bed

Larry King and Shawn Southwick

Hector Penate, the baseball coach/aspiring actor (His handful of roles include a waiter on “The King of Queens” and Ernesto Julio on “Head Case)) who bumped uglies with Larry King’s seventh wife, Shawn Southwick, claimed in an “Entertainment Tonight” interview that they laid up in Larry’s bed and Shawn talked about how her 76-year-old sugar daddy was gonna push up daisieys soon. The details and a peek at her tenderoni under the hood. Continue »

Kelis To Nas: Don’t Let The Door Hit You

"Nas and Kelis"

After reaching a settlement on child support and spousal support payments, Kelis is officially ready to terminate her marriage from Nas. As previously reported Nas was facing a contempt of court charge because he owed Kelis$200,000 in backed child support for their son Knight. Continue.

Hi Hater: Shaq Tells Their 6-Year-Old Son He’s “Gonna Kill” Shaunie’s New Young Tenderoni

Shaquille O'Neal Shaunie O'Neal

SMH. This Shaq and Shaunie divorce drama is getting super-duper ugly. Even though this guy stay with some hoes, Shaquille O’Neal seems just a wee bit jealous that Shaunie is flossin’ her new little boy toy pretty tough. Pop it for the details… Continue »

Dirty Dog Diaries: Ginny Cha’s Father Thinks Tiki Barber Is “Just Sick”

Traci Lynn Johnson Tiki Barber

Looks like Tiki Barber’s father-in-law is purely disgusted with all the recent drama revolving the divorce, especially the part about him leaving Ginny Cha while pregnant. More details on the flip… Continue »

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