Breaking “C.R.A.C.K.” News: Lamar Odom Drops Shirtless-Drug Induced Freestyle Video Hinting About Cheating On Khloe Kardashian [Video]

Now, Lamar needs to realize… his child hood friend is the one selling the information to TMZ. Continue »

Bolitics And Blow: Rap-Lovin’ Republican Congressman Caught Copping Yayo


We’re beginning to think you have to be high to take public office. Continue »

Meet ‘Shermain Miles’ Arrested 396 Times: Shermain Speaks Out And Blames The Alcohol “I’m Not A Bad Person” [Video]

Poor Shermain….

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Rocks: Yayo-Smoking Rob Ford Knocks Old Woman Down And Tries To Catch Fade As He’s Stripped Of His Mayoral Powers! [Video]

Cluckers… SMH.

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