What The Hell??? Slizzard Azz Rookie One-Time Murks Pedestrian With Vehicle And Gets Released From Lockup The Same Day?!?!

Bronx car accident that killed Tyre Chisholm

Just another example of how little value the system places on the life of a black man. SMH. Continue »

Get Your Life Together: Rodney King Gets Popped, Again, For Driving While Slizzed… AGAIN

Rodney King Arrested On Another DUI Charge

You would think, after all that he has been through, that Rodney King would do everything in his power to avoid unnecessary run ins with the law. Continue »

Teairra “Confused” Mari Apologizes For Drinking And Driving…Denies Assaulting Police Officer

teairra mari

Poor thang:

Let me start by saying that this is a very embarrassing moment for me Continue »

Awesome Parenting: Mom Arrested For Two DUIs In One Night


You drunks that get just one DUI in a night need to step your game up. Continue »

Another Day, Another Disney Star Arrested For Driving While Slizzard

Orlando Brown Of Disney's That's So Raven Arrested For DUI

Damn…another Disney star popped for drankin that dranky drank… Continue »

Christopher “Kid” Reid From “House Party” Fame Popped By One-Time In L.A.

Christopher  Kid Reid

SMH.Twenty-something odd years later and “House Party” actor and rapper Christopher “Kid” Reid is still getting in trouble. Continue »

In White Folks With Drunk & High Kids News: Al Pacino’s Daughter Popped For DUI In NYC

al pacino julie pacino dui

Al Pacino’s daughter Julie was caught driving while slizzard and high off that kush: Continue »

Get Your Life Together: Woman Gets Caught Driving Drunk On Her Way To DUI Court

Jennifer Buckley Arrested For DUI In Route To Fight Previous DUI Charge

This super alcoholic broad here wants nothing good out of life. Continue »

Another Day, Another DUI: Brazilian Model Suelyn Medeiros Popped For Driving While Intoxicated

SueLyn-Medeiros DUI

SMH at this broad “bragging about being a rich model” but can’t pay the 45K: Continue »


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