ESPN Gives Jalen Rose A HO SIT DOWN!!!

Jalen Rose

Jalen Rose just got the “ho sit down” from his employers after failing to tell them about his DUI arrest last month. Continue »

Christina Aguilera Is Still Getting Slizzard At The Same Spot She Was Busted For Being Publicly Slizzard Before

christina aguilera drunk arrested

Sounds like somebody needs to get her life together: Continue »

Time For An Intervention: Christina Aguilera’s Sloppy Drunkard Behavior Is Out Of Control

Christina Aguilera and Matthew Rutler

If Ted Williams can do it, Christina can:

Christina Aguilera’s pals probably saw this one coming. Continue »

Another Day, Another DUI: NBA Player Popped For Driving While Intoxicated, Speeding, And Inability To Stay In Lane

jarrett jack mugshot

New Orleans Hornets guard Jarrett Jack, who helped lead Georgia Tech to the 2004 NCAA title game, was arrested in Gwinnett County Continue »

Drugs Are Bad M’kay: Lindsay Lohan Is Supposedly “Worried” About Charlie Sheen

Well, we guess if anyone has the right to show concern, or speak on Charlie’s crackish behavior it would be Lindsay, Queen of the Hollyweird crack hoes. Continue »

Kush Chronic-les: “Soda Pot”, The New Marijuana Soft Drink Is A Big “Hit” In Dispensaries In Colorado

Who needs a Four Loko when you can get high like this without needing the dialysis that comes with all that damn sugar and caffeine. Continue »

The Ugliest Tiger Woods Becky Of Them All Sentenced To A Year In Jail For DUI

mindy lawton tiger woods mugshot

Damn these Tiger hoes STAY in the news. Remember the really unattractive waitress???? Continue »

Another Day, Another DUI: Jaime Pressly Popped For Driving While Intoxicated

jaime pressly

Actress Jaime Pressly — best known for her Emmy winning role on the NBC sitcom My Name is Earl — was arrested Wednesday night on suspicion of drunk driving Continue »

Jesus Take The Wheel: Honor Student Killed By Drunk Driver In NY


This is so sad. She was such a beautiful young lady with a bright future:

A Long Island teen returning from a Brooklyn tutoring job was fatally mowed down by an allegedly drunken driver just two blocks from her home Continue »

BREAKING NEWS: Gucci Mane Arrested…AGAIN… AND Pepper Sprayed For Riding Dirty & Reckless!!!

Gucci Mane arrested Atlanta Fulton County Jail

It hasn’t been six months since Gucci Mane came home from a bid swore his life was about something better! And he’s already heading back to his second home: the Fulton County Jail. Continue »

Bronx DWI Mom To Serve A Year For Every Year Her Young Victim Lived

Carmen Huertas Bronx DUI

An emotional Carmen Huertas was sentenced to a maximum of 12 years in prison for driving her daughter and friends around NYC after getting plastered at a family party. Continue »


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