DUI: Justin Bieber’s Bottle-Poppin’ BFF Lil Twist Arrested While Driving His Shiny-Azz Fisker Karma!

*EXCLUSIVE* Justin Bieber's Fisker Karma : Moments before Lil Twist Wrecks It

At what point does the judge take these young punks’ drivers’ licenses?! Continue »

Sean Kingston About To Drive Drunk… But Falls Back With TMZ Camera’s All In His Grill! [Video]

Continue »

F*** The Police: Sober Black Man Arrested For DUI Despite Blowing A 0.00 Breathalyzer Test! [Video]

Jessie Thornton

Black President or not, “Driving While Black” is still in FULL effect ’round America! Continue »

Sad: Just Before Death Video Of Chris Kelly In A Drug Induced Studio Session [Video]

Continue »

In White Folks News: Reese “Do You Know My Name” Witherspoon’s Arrest Video Released, America’s Sweetheart Goes HAM

Reese Witherspoon mugshot

We’ve all heard about Reese’s rant with the police, but there is nothing like seeing the f****** for yourself. Continue »


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