Arrests: The Black Guy That Is NOT LeVar Burton From “Star Trek” Gets Busted For DUI

Arrests: The Black Guy That WASN'T LeVar Burton From "Star Trek" Gets Busted For DUI

We’re sure he wishes he was light years away right now. Continue »

Another Day, Another NFL Player Popped For DUI

Aldon Smith of San Francisco 49ers Gets DUI in Miami

See what happens when you don’t make it to the Superbowl?? San Francisco 49ers rookie Aldon Smith Continue »

Random Ridiculousness: Man Sentenced For Driving His Lawn Mower On The Streets To The Liquor Store While Slizzard

donald wymer

SMH at this guy thinking that just because he was riding a lawn mower, it was okay for him to drive drunk to the liquor store: Continue »

Slizzard??? Tami Roman’s Former Baller Ex-Hubby Popped For Leaving Scene Of Accident After Driving His Escalade Into Some Trees!!!

Kenny Anderson

You can’t tell us that alcohol was a non muhfuggin’ factor in this isht! Continue »

Pump The Brakes Pt. 2: The Craziest Car-Related Arrests Of All Time

lil wayne

Yesterday we looked at famous DUIs. Now let’s look at all the other dumb things people do in cars. Continue »


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