Get A Room: Couple Gets Freaky On Public Bus With Their Infant Looking On!

This is some freaky, insane, unsanitary isht! Continue »

This Daddy Is Trifling Than A Muhfugga…

baby girl left in car for over thirty minutes while dad went on a date at mcdonald's

McDonald’s though… really? Continue »

The Side-Eye: Bethenny Frankel’s Mom Talks Some Yang About Her And Says She’ll Be Getting Divorced Soon?!?!

Bethenny Frankel Jason  Hoppy Brynn

If you know anything about Bethenny, you know her mom is a prime candidate for “Epitome Of A Bad Mother!” Continue »

Eff A Thug: The State Of North Carolina Wants To Murk Shaniya Davis’ Killer!

Shaniya Davis With Accused Killer Mario Andrette McNeill

We don’t generally support the death penalty Continue »

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