Ho Sit Down: Casey Anthony Is Happy And Says She Is Making Some Good “Changes For Myself”

Casey Anthony

Beyotch please… this baby killer is not really talking about how she’s changed already? Continue »

Epitome Of A Bad Mother: Utah Mother Drags Her Son By His Belt From Her Car After He Misses The School Bus!

We’ve heard of some crazy ways that parents punish their children, but this right here is TOTALLY out of pocket! Continue »

Epitome Of Some Ain’t Isht Parents: Body Of 2-Year-Old Son Found In Suitcase Four Years After Couple Pled Guilty To Abandoning Baby Girl

Namishay Clarke

Kudos to this woman Namishay Clarke who “rang the alarm” after the lil boy hadn’t been seen in months Continue »

The Epitome Of A Bad Mother: Woman Fakes Her Daughter’s Death So She Can Go On Vacation To Costa Rica

costa rica

We all know that Costa Rica is a nice place to visit, but this sounds just a tad bit extreme: Continue »


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