What Is Wrong With This Picture??

andre curry chicago facebook

Who in the hell does isht like this, and thinks it’s cute to post on FB? Continue »

Jesus Take The Wheel: Illinois Woman Murks Boyfriend And Three Kids, Including 10-Month-Old Baby At Point Blank Range Before Turning Gun On Herself

emington shooting

An Illinois mother shot and killed her 10-month-old baby daughter at point blank range while a horrified neighbor looked on. Continue »

Epitome Of A Bad Mother And Father: Parents Popped For Abandoning 4-Month-Old Baby At Burger King

burger king

Some people really shouldn’t have children: Continue »

Another Day Another Ratchet Broad Popped For Trying To Sell Her Baby

Kenia Quiala Bosque

We know times are hard, but you have to be the epitome of a bad mom to even consider doing this ish. Continue »

Man Who Beat His Mentally Disabled Wife To Death With Flashlight After She Tried To Murk Their Kids Was Sentenced 15-30 Years

What would you do if you came home to your wife attempting to kill your children??? Continue »

What The Hell??? French Toddler Dies After Father ‘Punishes’ Him By Putting Him In Washing Machine!


The crazy part is this wasn’t the first time this epitome of a bad father tried to punish his son using a household appliance! Continue »

Mother Of “Lone Wolf Terrorist” Jose Pimentel Apologizes For Her Son’s Shady Plot

Carment Sosa

The mother of accused “lone wolf terrorist” Jose Pimentel is thanking the police for arresting him and apologizing for his behavior. Continue »

Fatal Attraction: Scorned North Carolina Woman Murks Herself And Son And Wounds Five Others Including 9-Year-Old Niece And Married Ex-Boyfriend

Cops: Bitter ending to affair led woman to kill 1 person, wound 5 others near Greensboro, NC

Reason #1 not to commit adultery: How about NOT getting shot or knowing five innocent children have been shot in the head as a result of your affair? Continue »


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