“Tot Mom” Casey Anthony Narrowly Misses Being Murked After Assassin Discovers Her Safe House

Casey Anthony

Cotdamn there is a lot of failed assassinations going down today. Continue »

The Epitome Of A Bad Father: Man Popped For Letting His 8-Week-Old Infant Son Choke On A Baby Wipe

Joshua Rains Baby Wipe Dad Arrested

This dad’s story certainly sounds suspect! Continue »

Epitome Of A Horrible Family: Father And Grandparents Charged After 2-Year-Old Eats Marijuana In Filthy Apartment Home

william Kimberly josh smallwood

Folks need to be more careful with their narcotics…especially with babies in the house: Continue »

Jesus Take The Wheel: Anorexic Mom Weighs Less Than Her 7-Year-Old Daughter!!!

Rebecca Jones and daughter Maisy

We hope this woman gets her life together with a quickness, because she’s putting her daughter in danger in so many ways! Continue »


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