Douchebag Daddies: Man Who Threw His 7-Year-Old Son Overboard A Cruise Boat Laughs It Off And Says “We Were Just Playing!! I Thought It Would Be Funny”

Remember that drunk and dumba$$ father who tossed his kid in the water because he “wouldn’t stop crying”?? Well, apparently all the arguing and crying was a big ole joke: Continue »

What Type Of Mother Allows Her Boyfriend To Rip Out Her Three-Year-Old Baby’s Teeth And Toenails???

jessica carder

This broad right here needs to be tortured right along with her shady a$$ boyfriend: Continue »

The Epitome Of A Bad Mother: Woman Arrested For Trying To Sell Her 5-Year-Old Son For $2,000

Jessica Beers Arrested For Trying To Sell Son For $2000

Meet Jessica Beers. Jessica thought it was a good idea to offer her son to some random family for $2K: Continue »

This Dude Truly Ain’t Shyte

Jeremiah Lee Wright Killed His 7-Year-Old Handicapped Son Jori -- dismembered and decapitated him and left the head outside for his mother to find

This is just horrible… Continue »


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