“Toddler Thugs” Grandma Has Been In Jail On Gun Charges During This Whole Melee? [Video]

Let’s put this out there… this thug culture is a cycle in our community pushed by rap music and thugged out relatives. Continue »

16 Yr-Old Hoodrat Mother Of “Thug Baby” Says “He Not A Thug, But He’s Been Shot Before And Is From Da Streets!” [Video]

This chick is an idiot! NOT EVERY KID CURSES!! Please, do not give this kid back to her!!!

Continue »

F**k A Thug: Family Angrily Speaks Out About Murderer Released On “O.R.” After Murdering Their 2 Kids [Video]

Tired of this stuff… Continue »

Crazy Bus Shooting Caught On Camera “I Ain’t Get Shot… I’m Cool!” [Video]

Continue »

Heartless: Aaron Hernandez In Court Makes Victims Family Leave Crying When He Starts Laughing It Up! [Video]

This guy is a straight up demon. Continue »

Really??? Single Mother Of 4 Heartbroken After Thieves Steal Her Kids’ Christmas Presents

Some people just take their aint-ishtness to an entirely new level Continue »


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