Epitome Of A Bad Mother: Massachusetts Mom Lets White Supremacist Husband Torture Her Half-Latina Daughters With Hammers, Pliers


“He also exposed himself to the girls, made them “dance around like monkeys,” and threatened to “beat the black out of them”—-SMH…
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In Heartless Thugs News: Mother Pleads For Help After 10-Year Old Son’s Wheelchair Is Stolen [Video]

Come on!

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Bad Gamble: Criminal Gets Shot Up After “Betting” Victim Doesn’t Have A Gun

Ski Mask robber

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Hot Felon-Crip Makes First Appearance In Court: Says He’s Looking For A Hottie To Donate To His Lawyer Fund [Video]

Are you that special someone?
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Old ‘Patty Kerney’ Beats Off Robber With Her Trusty Backscratcher “And I Bam All The Way…” [Video]


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Anti-Thug “Know What I’m Sayin'” In EPMD Hat Details How He Snatched Pistol From 14-Year Old Robbers [Video]

Nevermind what he was doing at 1:40 a.m. hanging out… Dude is a hero… know what I’m sayin’?

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Jesus Take The Wheel: Ephran Taylor” Pastor Eddie Long’s “Good Buddy” Robs Congregation Of Millions [Video]

SMH @ Ephran’s wife rocking the “east coast” and not wanting to answer any questions…

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