Thug Love: French Montana And Khloe Money Kardashian Post Up On The Gram With Guns And Liquor

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 7.40.49 AM

Ho what you know about a heater? Who does she think they are — Bonnie and Clyde? Continue »

Thug Boyfriend Shoots Girlfriend’s 7-Year Old Son And She Says “But, I Still Love Him!” [Video]

His uncle is not having it… and he already told his sister “Hawkins is bad news!”

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We Don’t Blame Them: Mother & Her 5-Year Old Shooting Victim Son Scared To Return Back To Neighborhood [Video]

Gotta give the kid a chance!

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Bonnie & Clyde Swirl Killing: Judge Denies Bond For Man Who Accidentally Killed His 17-Year-Old Girlfriend While Out Thuggin! [Video]

SMH… he’s up crap creek without a paddle.

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Watch Graphic Video With Caution: Police On Hunt For Assailant Seen In Video Of 68-Year Old Man Beaten And Stomped To Death On Manhattan Streets [Video]

Police are seeking a suspect in the fatal beating of a 68-year-old man in Manhattan’s East Village Friday night. Police say Ruan Wen Hui was walking in the neighborhood when a man attacked him, punching and kicking him in the head. (May 12)


Put On Blast: Poppy Buffoon Dance Group LMFAO Says Ricky Rozay Is A Wannabe Thug Drug Dealer!

LMAFO Rick Ross

You know it’s bad when THESE muhfuggas are callin’ you out… Continue »

Thugged Out Rabid Raccoon Terrorizes Neighborhood Biting Kids And Running Amok Until One-Time Finds His Trap House And Guns Him Down [Video]

SMH… Continue »

Catch Fade Chronicles: Gangster Beat Up In Jail By Aaron Hernandez Says “He Hits Like A B***h! What Had Happened Was…” [Video]


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Still Thuggin!: Aaron Hernandez Charged AGAIN After Telling Guard “I Will Get Your Chubby Butt Smoked, On Piiiru!” [Video]

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Double Execution On Hold After 1st Attempt Was Gory, Bloody, Torturesome, And Messy! [Video]


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The Irony: Creator Of “Stop Snitchin” DVD’s 14-Year-Old Son Shot In The Head! [Video]


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