Mafioso Turned Snitch Claims Mob Boss ‘Quiet Dom’ Ordered the Murder of His Own Son

So, an ex-boss of the Italian mafia in New York, Vincent (Vinny Gorgeous) Basciano, sang like a canary in Brooklyn Federal Court yesterday when asked about the disappearance of another mobster’s son. Continue »

Bossip Almost Shot When Gangs Open Fire And “Jay Money” Is Shot In Head At Venice Mid-Interview! [Video]

This shooting happened just off screen and you can tell by Jonesy’s reaction… it was close! Continue »

EFF A Thug: Police Search For 24-Year-Old Woman Beaten Bloody And Dragged From Her Home By Ex-Boyfriend

Keisha Marshall Rashaun Bailey

Please be on the lookout for this woman, her life may depend on the kindness of strangers. Continue »

Hi Hater: Talib Kweli Shuts Down Colt 45 Sponsorship

Talib is sticking with his socially-conscious image while also “sticking it” to Billy Dee’s favorite drink! Continue »

Gucci Mane Really Ain’t Sh*t

Gucci Mane

If you thought the whole “Gucci Mane threw some random broad out his car” thing sounded crazy before, wait til you hear the details. Continue »


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