Carjacking Caught On Tape: For A 2005 Six Banger Mustang?? [Video]

People are hungry… and stupid!

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Idiot Rapper “Rico Recklezz” Arrested For Using Real Guns In Music Video: Footage Of Him Taking Gun To School For PROTECTION [Video]

Man this Chitown mindset is getting more and more messed up… we had to triple take on spelling his name. SMH

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Chiraq Exclusive: Rapper King Samson Talks Fighting With Fists Instead Of Fighting With Guns In Chicago [Video]

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Chiraq Exclusive: Chicago Doctor Talks Creating A Firearm From A 3D Printer [Video]

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Stop The Violence: 88-Year-Old World War II Vet Beaten To Death By Teens, Cops Say Attack Was Random

Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 6.46.01 AM

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