Fill in the Blank: Smiling Broads Equal Trouble


Here is a pic of Dwyane Wade at Alonzo Mourning’s Summer Groove Golf Event with some ‘bunnies’ grinning in his face something tough.

Fill in the Blank: These broads are thinking _________________________________.

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Fill In The Blank: Ne-Yo’s Lips


Your boy Ne-Yo was pictured smooching up some broad at the Essence Festival this weekend.

Fill in the Blank: Ne-Yo’s fish lips prolly taste like __________________________________.

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Amber Rose: Fill in The Blank

amber rose new york

Amber Rose is out in New York looking like a hermaphrodite skinhead in those Doc Martins. We don’t know who the boy is, but look at the brother behind her. You can tell by his expression that her cakes are still poppin’.

Fill in The Blank: After seeing these pics, we know Kanye is _____choppin’ down Amber.

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Fill In The Blank

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Kanye West and Amber Rose

Kanye West and his busty, blonde, bald-headed jump-off Amber Rose hit up London Fashion Week this weekend. Fill in the Blank: Although Amber looks giddier than a mutha, Kanye looks like ________________.

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Fill In The Blank

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Dig little Lil’ Kim and her effeminate dance partner rehearsing for Dancing With The Stars.

Fill in the Blank: From this angle this wacky Dr. 90210 addict’s figure looks a lot like ______________________.

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Fill in The Blank_______

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Fill In  the Blank…

Big man looks_________

Mos Def Being Sued by His Own Attorney

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Mos Def’s attorney that represented him in a expensive divorce in 2006 claim they have yet to be paid for the work done: Continue »

Fill in the Blank: Rihanna

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Princess RiRi is still out in London and decided to take to take the streets and shop for an item or two. She’s normally smiling, but with all those flashing lights everywhere lil’ mama goes, she can give ‘em a mean mug every now and then.

The look on Rihanna’s face says __________________.

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Pharrell is The Black Fonz

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pharrell 301108

This is Pharrell outside a studio in Miami looking like a damn 12 year old. We are all for the gear flavor, but would it hurt to try some protein in his diet?

Fill in The Blank

Pharrell looks ___________.

A few more pics in case you couldn’t see the resemblance.

pharrell 2the-fonzpharrell 301108

Images via Wenn

Fill in the Blank

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Jermaine Dupri, Janet Jackson and Chris Tucker were in Dubai to attend the landmark Grand Opening of Atlantis, The Palm Resort, and the Palm Jumeirah. Peep out JD’s facial expression and fill in the blank below.

This party is some bullsh*t, I’d rather be _________________________.

More pics from the event below.

Images via WireImage

Fill In the Blank

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Eric Benet, Holly Robinson-Peete, and Golden Brooks were in attendance for the launch of Kyn Gold-Lubell’s new woman’s collection, Babakul. We wanted to get an idea of what you think might have been going through Eric’s head in this picture.

Fill in the blank: If Eric had the date rape drug, he would most likely ____________.

More pics of the festivities below.

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Fill in The Blank

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Here is Ray-J shopping at Kitson with what looks to be some low self-esteem rats in Hollyweird on Thursday. It is rumored that he was filming an episode of his reality show.

Ray-J probably called the papparazi to take some pics of him and his ho-herem because________________.

Keyshia on The Cover of Billboard

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Yes Bossipers, that is Ms. Ex-Tack holding down that purple corset and the helmet crop on the cover of Billboard Magazine. We appreciate any time she does something without Frankie and that bloated, ratted out sister screaming for camera time.

Fill In The Blank: Keyshia looks______________ on the cover of Billboard.

He’ll Be on Maury Shortly

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John Edwards refused a paternity test but thanks to a dirty diaper and used cup he still might be fingered as the father:

Even though he admitted cheating with campaign staffer Rielle Hunter (top), The National Enquirer wants to prove he’s the father of Hunter’s baby. How? We hear that, on the night they caught Edwards visiting Hunter and child at a Beverly Hills hotel, Enquirer reporters grabbed one of the baby’s poopy diapers. Now, say sources, intrepid Enquirer editor David Perel hopes to compare the infant’s stinky DNA with that of Edwards, who has denied paternity. “All they need is a cup he drank from,” an insider tells us. “I will neither confirm nor deny possession of a dirty diaper,” Perel said dryly. “But I would like to do a DNA test.” The new Enquirer reports that Hunter “is writing a tell-all book now that the man who has been funneling cash to her has died.” Before his death last month, Edwards’ former national finance chairman, Fred Baron, confirmed he had been sending money to Hunter – reportedly as much as $15,000 a month. Now that Baron is gone, Hunter is worried that the “hush money” will dry up, according The Enquirer. Hunter and Edwards couldn’t be reached for comment. But The Enquirer quotes an insider as saying, “Rielle views the book as her personal insurance policy.” Meanwhile, though cancer-stricken Elizabeth Edwards has not been wearing her wedding ring, sources say she has not decided to divorce her husband.

This guy couldn’t resist the poon and now his 2016 presidential hopes are shattered. That ought to teach him to cheat on his dying wife. Fill in the blank: John Edwards is thinking, “I am __________.”


CiCi On The Cover of Right On!

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Ciara has been running her mouth as of late and here on the cover of Right On! they’ve painted it fool’s gold.

Fill in The Blank… Ciara looks________on the cover of Right On.


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