We Only Know One Dude Who Would Walk Around The Mall In His Boxer Briefs…

Chad "OchoCinco" Johnson

If you’re in the NFL, then you’re in the nasty full of snow and black ice Dallas, TX. Continue »

Some Afternoon Schlong Courtesy Of Amare Stoudemire’s Ex-Jumpoff

Amare Stoudemire Full Monty

Dayyumm… How stupid can these athletes be??? Amare Stoudemire is the next NBA idiot to get his _____________ put on full blast. Continue »

Fill In The Blank: Ne-Yo’s Lips

ne-yo performs in indonesia

Here is the multi-talented singer/songwriter/performer Shaffer Smith, aka Ne-Yo performing in Indonesia. Continue »

Gucci Mane Is Getting His Pop Star On In The Studio With __________

Gucci Mane

We understand Hip-Hop still thinks Gucci Mane is the hottest thang in the streets, psycho look in his eye, dumba** face tattoo and all. Continue »

If Snooki Wasn’t On Jersey Shore, She’d Be __________

Nicole Snooki Polizzi

If it wasn’t for the unexplainable phenomenon that is Snooki, none of us would have been blessed with Nicole Polizzi’s New York Times Bestselling authoring talents. Continue »

Caption This: Diamond Is Contemplating __________

Here is “rapper” Diamond (formerly of Crime Mob) with a face full of stripper crotch at King Of Diamonds in Miami for a party hosted by Trina. Continue »

Gabby Sidibe Has A Man. Talk Amongst Yourselves

Gabourey Sidibe Nets vs Bucks

If you’re not boo’d up this winter, we’re sorry to inform you that Precious does not feel your pain. Continue »

Fill In The Blank

kim kardashian big butt booty pumping gas

Kim Kardashian was “candidly spotted” pumping gas recently with that donk Continue »

Fill In The Blank: Jay-Z’s New Artist Cher Lloyd Is __________

Cher Lloyd X Factor RocNation Miami International Airport

This is RocNation’s new artist Cher Lloyd, aka 17-year-old sensation Cheryl Lloyd from the UK’s X-Factor. Continue »

Fill In The Blank

kid cudi GQ January 2011

Here is Kid Cudi for GQ’s January 2011 issue Continue »

Jennifer Hudson Is Addicted To ________________….

jennifer hudson thin

Everyone has their vice, and for J-Hud it’s…. Continue »

Fill In The Blank

Kim Kardashian Presents The World's Best Couple With The Ultimate Engagement Ring

Kim Kardashian presented the “World’s Best Couple” with the “Ultimate Engagement Ring” yesterday in NYC. Continue »

Oprah Finally Breaks Down: If I Was Gay, I Would Say It Loud And Proud, Stedman Lives With Me And Gayle Is…

oprah crying

The billionaire mogul that we all know as Oprah Winfrey has been invading the homes of America for 25 years. What better way to end it than an interview with the queen of interviews, Barbara Walters! Oprah opens up, gets personal and sheds a couple of tears (literally, two). Continue »

*Exclusive* Meagan Good Is In A Girl Band?!?! Doesn’t She Have New Acting Checks Coming In???

Meagan Good singer actress The Game

No one was feeling the idea of Meagan Good launching a solo singing career a couple of years ago. And we mean NO ONE. But that girl isn’t letting our hate kill her dreams of being an R&B chick. Continue »

Hate It Or Love It?!?!: New Jawn By 50 Cent And Michael Jackson “MONSTER” Sounds Like _______

50 Cent and Michael Jackson "MONSTER"

50 Cent’s new jawn with Michael Jackson was released today and all we can say is hmmmmmm…. As much as we would like 50 Cent to do something productive in music, not so sure we can co-sign this. Continue »


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