Fill In The Blank: Topless Tiger On The Cover Of Vanity Fair

Fill in the Blank: Tiger took his shirt off because __________ Continue »

Fill In the Blank: Devyne Stephens Looks _____________

Devyne Stephens, CEO of Upfront Megatainment (who also signed Akon), Diddy, Jason Jeter (CEO of Grand Hustle) and Chaka Zulu (CEO of DTP) all came out to support and honor Atlanta’s new mayor. As straight as he claims to be, we can’t help but to bring attention to the look on Devyne’s face.

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For Your Viewing Pleasure


The King of Rocks and Blunts was spotted rehearsing for his upcoming concert at Complete Music Studios in Brooklyn.

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*UPDATE*: Danger had her Baby Shower and _____________ Was There But No Baby Daddy


Crazy A$$ Danger had her baby shower the other day; she was glowing and ready to pop. It looked like she had about 20 plus guests at the event, but there was only ONE male…

What is He Doing There???

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Fill in the Blank: Trey Songz


This one is for you ladies. Trey Songz performed this weekend at CAU’s homecoming doing some lil freaky hand gesture.

Fill in the Blank: You would let Trey Songz _______________________________ to you with that tongue of his…

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Fill in the Blank: NeNe Leakes is _____________


Last night on the RHOA, Nene Leakes, the cookie cutter mother, sat down with her son about getting a job. Well, it seems like he took momma’s advice. One of our Bossip readers was out shopping in Atlanta and saw Nene’s son, Brice, working Continue »

Fill in the Blank: Akon

Akon films a new music video at "Inc Club"

Akon shot a new video recently in South Africa with some ‘nice South African video broads.”

Fill in The Blank: With tongue sticking out and eyes glued to the one girl’s rack, Akon is thinking _____________________________.

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End of Days: President Barack Obama is Being Compared to Adolf Hitler

Now that we have a black president, a lot of American’s true feelings have been surfacing. This video is more than unnecessary, it’s just out right degrading and disrespectful to compare President Obama to Adolf Hitler… Spoof or Not!!! A**holes!!! SMDH… FILL IN THE BLANK: ________________________________

Jesse Jackson Crowned African Prince! Wow. Really?


Just when you thought Messy Jesse could do no more, here he goes again! Jesse Jackson took the place of the Agni people’s former prince, who recently passed away, Michael Jackson. Yes, the “King of Pop.” continue

Some Morning Nastiness


We know Jackie-O isn’t the classiest broad out there, but we just heard this track she put out last year called ‘Period On’… and we’ll just leave it at that, the song speaks for itself. Continue »

Lil Mama… Ya’ll Fill in the Blank This Time… SMH


Lil Mama once again is out there looking smacked up and jacked up. Last time we commented on her appearance, ya’ll were 38-HOT… so this time we are giving ya’ll the floor… SMH…

C-Murder Found Guilty…Kinda


The trial for Cory “C-Murder” Miller is almost over. A jury found him guilty of killing of 16-year old Steve Thomas at a night club in January of 2002 continue

Miley Cyrus + Stripper Poles + Teen Choice Awards Equals… Ya’ll Fill in the Blank

Miley Cyrus is the latest teenie bopper that the young girls love these days. At the Teen Choice Awards, she decides to bring out a stripper pole during her performance. What message is this sending to little girls??? SMH

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Fill In the Blank: Lady GaGa


Lady GaGa is always taking it above and beyond with her appearance. It seems as if she’s trying to take it to another level. What do ya’ll think???

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Rapper N.O.R.E: I Got Songs With GAY RAPPERS… Google It!!!


N.O.R.E. is really putting it out there. In an interview he did, they asked him if he thinks there will ever be an openly gay successful rapper??? His response was, “There is, there is and you won’t get me to say the name but there is… Not openly. Once he is a success story and cannot be stopped… Yeah he is going to come out of the closet. But I mean in the beginning, I think no…. But when he does come out people will continue to go to his parties, buy his sneakers, belts, purses….”

Whoooaaaa!!!! Who is N.O.R.E. talking about???

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