Some Morning Preciousness

"Jaden Smith is photographed for Vanity Fair"

Vanity Fair profiled Jaden Smith, the 11-year-old star of the upcoming Karate Kid remake, who also happens to be Will and Jada’s son. More flicks under the hood Continue »

Random Ridiculousness: Former Security Guard At Juvenile Detention Center Spills Nasty Sex Orgy Beans

We have truly seen just about everything now. A former juvey hall security guard has exposed some crazy a$s ish!! Apparently at the Goshen Secure Center for teens in NY, inmates are rewarded for good behavior with hookers and sex orgies. WTF??? Continue »

For Discussion: Times Haven’t Changed! Study Shows Kids Still Think White Is Right

Regardless of your race — if you haven’t started talking to your children about skin color, you might want to start now. Last night’s CNN special “Black or White: Kids on Race,” revealed that a racial bias exists even among young kids today. Pop the hood for video and details on the study Continue »

Jesus Take The Wheel: 7-Year-Old Killed By One-Time In “The D”

Aiyana Jones 7 year old killed in Police raid in detroit

This is extremely sad:

Police in Detroit, Michigan, on Sunday expressed “profound sorrow” at the fatal shooting of a 7-year-old girl in a police raid. Continue »

Diamond & Her Gangsta Rapper Hubby Get Into Character For The Children

Lil Happy

Lil Scrappy and Diamond threw a party for his little girl…Scrappy got all into character with makeup and what not. We can’t hate… Toya showed up as well.

Pop the top to peep the pictures plus one of Diamond with her moms Continue »

For Discussion: Spare The Rod… Spoil The Child?!?!

spare the rod spoil the child

Is spanking your child still the best way to discipline them, will it make them aggressive?!? Back in day, it was nothing for parents to grab a switch, a belt or even use their hand in order to correct bad behavior. Now-a-days, government agencies like DFACS will come and remove children from their homes if they hear of parents disciplining children physically.

Spare the rod and spoil the child? That’s the old adage, but while most U.S. parents approve of spanking, a new study says it could make children more aggressive. Continue »

Some Nice & Wholesome Family Fun

duane martin tisha campbell family

Duane Martin, Tisha Campbell, and family came out to support Holly Robinson-Peete at the launch of her new children’s book “My Brother Charlie.” Aww. Duane and Tisha’s little baby is adorable…such a precious chubbylumpkins!!

More pics including Blair Underwood and his son when you … Continue »

Another Nasty Sicko Popped In 7-Year-Old Gang Rape

timear lewis

This Timear Lewis, 19, and he has been charged for aggravated sexual assault and child endangerment in the sad, sad story of the little 7-year-old girl who was sold for sex at a party by her big sister: Continue »

Do You Recognize The Little Caramel Cutie In The Middle?!?!

Chance Combs in a Belk Ad

Do you recognize the cute little girl in the middle??? Her dad is a mogul and her mom is one of three baby mamas…

This Should Be Easy… Continue »

WTF: Cops Taser 10-Year-Old Kid At Tender Teddies Day Care

"Cops Taser"

We know we’ve been talking about bad a*s kids needing good old-fashioned whoopings these days, but this is out of hand: Continue »

Jesus Take The Wheel: Crazy Teenager Sells Her 7 Year-Old Stepsister For Sex At A Party

little girl crying

SMH. This is sick:

Police in New Jersey’s capital city say a 15-year-old sold her 7-year-old sister to have sex with as many as seven men and boys at a weekend party near their home. Continue »

It’s A Family Affair: T.I. Gets Out The Half-Way House And Makes An Appearance For Zonique’s 14th Birthday

Tiny and T.I. had a rock star birthday party for Tiny’s 14 year-old daughter Zonique. Reginae and Toya showed up with smiling faces. Zonique could probably pass on some advice to Reginae on how to deal with her father being in jail.

Pop the Top for the Flicks… Continue »

Romeo Miller Adds To Empire With New Animated Film And Comic Book Series

Romeo Miller is taking his entrepreneurial and media endeavors to new heights with an animated movie and comic book series. For more info just… Continue

Safe Sex For Tikes: Tiny Condoms To Be Sold In Switzerland And UK To Fit Boys As Young As 12-Years-Old


Extra small condoms for boys as young as 12 Continue »

Keke Palmer Scores Nominations For Kid’s Choice And NAACP Image Awards

Here’s a lil positivity for you guys… Congratulations to Nickelodeon actress and Interscope singer Keke Palmer was recently nominated for two very special awards. Pop the hood to find out the details, and watch a clip from her sitcom “True Jackson, VP” with Justin Bieber guest starring. Continue »