*Breaking News*: Debbie Rowe “I Want My Kids and A Restraining Order Against Joe Jackson!!”

debbie and katherine

This is really going to get ugly. Debbie Rowe wants custody of the children and a restraining order against Joe Jackson. Ironic since news just surfaced of her being left out of Michael’s will: Continue »

Ole Michael Vick Loves the Kids


Michael Vick has signed on to work at the Boys and Girls Club, which is a definite step in the right direction:

Suspended NFL quarterback Michael Vick is leaving his federally ordered construction job and is working for the Boys & Girls clubs in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. President and CEO of The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Virginia Peninsula, Steve Kast said in a statement Tuesday. More

Michael Jackson Will: Debbie Rowe…You Are Out!

debbie rowe

We know you didn’t think Rowe was going to cash in, especially since Joe didn’t:

Michael Jackson’s 7-year-old will was filed Wednesday in a Los Angeles court, giving his entire estate to… Continue »

Suspect Smiles At Victim’s Family and Gets Socked Up…In Court!

This suspect smiled at the murdered victim’s family, but when he does, the father of the victim gets in some nice shots to the grill of the killer. Go ahead Pops!!!

Click Here to Watch

Surprise! Neither MJ or Debbie Rowe are the Biological Parents!


Before Michael passed away we asked our readers if they thought the kids were his. Out of 10,000 votes, roughly, 8600 of you said “no”…you all were right: Continue »

Press Conference: Permed Up Al Sharpton and Joe Jackson Say… “Debbie Rowe Has Nothing To Do With What We Doin!”

Joe Jackson and Permed up Al are doing a bit of damage control on his words about the record label and the Blu Ray Disc drama, while handling an array of other issues surrounding Michael Jackson’s Estate.


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Update: Katherine Jackson Given Temporary Custody of MJ’s Kids.

deborah rowe

We just received word that Katherine Jackson has been given legal guardianship status of Jackson’s three children. Round 1 goes to the Jackson family.

Pop the top for more Continue »

Just Say No…

Most adults think their kids are too dumb to figure out what is going on. Well the two young boys in the video know exactly what drugs are and how messed up people get when they’re on drugs. Get it together people!

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Kels Escapes to the Motherland


Kels is tryin’ to jumpstart his career again but he has to go test the waters in Africa since most people here are not tryin’ to support his child molestin’ @ss. Continue »

Al B. Sure Breaks the Silence About Quincy Putting Him on Blast


Al B. Sure knows he got caught out there looking shady so now he’s going into media overload trying to clean up his deadbeat dad steeze. Pop the top for his “heartfelt” response to Quincy’s dogged out letter Continue »

Lil’ Scrappy Gets His Family Guy On

scrappy and diamond

Scrappy and Diamond came out last night for the ATL screening of “Imagine That” with Eddie Murphy. The family looks too cute, don’t they?

Pop it for more Continue »

SMH: Michael Jackson Just Won’t Learn


Michael Jackson has some weird request for his show in Europe. Jacko wants a cast of kids to sign his songs onstage with him: Continue »

T-Pain Defends Big Chain: “My Kid Already Has 4 Milli In Da Bank, Yo”

tpain chain

T-Pain responded on Twitter to our Coon of The Day post yesterday : Continue »

Al B Sure: “Deadbeat Dad isn’t the Business”

al b sure and son

It is always sad when a father or mother doesn’t step up and take care of their children. Looks like Quincy and his estranged father Al B Sure have made amends. Hopefully this reunion is real and not some ridiculous publicity stunt Continue »

A Picture That is Worth a Thousand Words and Dreams

Obama lets little man feel his crop

This young man was granted a visit to the White House and asked a simple enough question to our President; “Can he feel his hair, to see if it felt just like his?”

Barack Obama being elected President of the United States is a monumental occurrence for so many around the world.



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