A “Lil Positivity” – Wendy Raquel Robinson Loves The Kids

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Wendy Raquel Robinson has been running a program in L.A. for a long while now. The after school program gives kids acting, singing, and dance classes. She has directed numerous successful plays out of L.A.. Wendy is usually highlighting children of color in her various programs.

Pop the top to see her good deeds. Continue »

Sasha and Malia Just Like All Kids…Neglecting Bo the First Dog

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Rumor has it, our First Family has the same problem that almost all kids their age have, they wont do their part with the family dog, Bo:

Parents everywhere, take heart: Even the Obamas have trouble getting their kids to keep all the promises made when begging for a pet. “I got up at 5:15 a.m. in the morning to walk my puppy,” First Lady Michelle Obama said Thursday of Bo, the Portuguese Water Dog who joined the family Easter weekend, fulfilling President Obama’s campaign promise to daughters Malia, 10, and Sasha, 7. Continue »

Octohoe Raided by Social Services and One-Time

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Nadya Suleman just got popped:

The Huffington Post has confirmed reports that “Octo-Mom” Nadya Suleman was visited today by Orange County child services employees and two police detectives. “Apparently, they went out today,” said Lieutenant Tom Dutton of the La Habra Police Department…. Continue »

Quincy’s Final Letter to Al B. Sure

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The fact that Quincy felt the need to reach out to his biological father Al B. Sure via the internet for the second time is truly sad. Al B. Sure should step up to the plate and handle his affairs like an adult. Pop the top to read the entire letter Continue »

Holly Robinson and Family Walk For A “Lil Positivity”

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Holly Robinson-Pete, Rodney Pete, and their little clan came to host the Walk for Autism yesterday. Holly is doing the right thing, so we applaud the whole family.

Turn it over and see whats on the other side… Continue »

A Lil’ Morning Positivity

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Verdine White

It defies everything we know from experience, but the pic above with Verdine White (of Earth, Wind & Fire) and the bunnies is actually for a positive cause. He was out in LA modeling the Verdine White Series of Vavas Diamond Eyewear, which benefited the Verdine White Foundation that provides musical education to underprivileged and gifted students.

More pics when you Continue »

A “Lil Positivity”

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Thomas Jefferson High School in L.A., was rewarded for environmental achievements from Lexus and received a special shout out from Alicia Keys:

Last Thursday, April 2nd , Los Angeles’ Thomas Jefferson High School was awarded for their environmental achievements by luxury automaker Lexus and Alicia Keys, through the Lexus Keys to Innovation program. Continue »

A “Lil Positivity”

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Rihanna and Jasmina

Here’s a great feel good story about a sick girl who got the surprise of her life when her favorite artist, Rihanna, visited her in the hospital:

Six-year-old Jasmina Anema is one of Rihanna’s biggest fans. So when her idol walked into her hospital room at NYU Medical Center on April 2 to visit her, the tiny leukemia patient could hardly believe her eyes. Continue »

Staying on Track to Promote Change

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The very curvy, LaTavia Roberson, LeToya Luckett and E-V-E attended the Texas Relays as part of a Minority Mentorship Symposium at the University of Texas. Those are some very fortunate young people to have the aforementioned young ladies go out of their way for their benefit.

More pics if you can manage to get out of the starting blocks. Continue »

Da Boss Gives Back

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Rick Ross, the officer of the law turned gangsta rapper, is making an appearance at the Miami Gardens Job Corps to encourage young people to get their knowledge on:

Carol City, Florida rapper Rick Ross will make a surprise appearance at the Miami Gardens Job Corps tomorrow, AllHipHop.com has learned. Continue »

Madonna Adopting Another African Baby

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Madge is adopting another little sister from the Motherland: Continue »

Which One Would You Hit???

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Your boys, Romeo and Soulja Boy, were at  Nickelodeon’s 22nd Annual Kids’ Choice Awards, looking like new BFF’s. Chris Rock and family, along with Russell, Usher, and JD’s daughter came out.

Out of the two youngsters up top ladies…

Which One Would You Let Hit??

Pop the thang to see an array of characters out last night. Continue »

TI Post Sentencing Press Conference

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After TI received his sentence yesterday he held a press conference giving thanks and apologies to all those involved in his case.

Pop the thang to see TI give his awesome message to the youth. Continue »

When The Checks Stop Coming In: Method Man Visited by The Tax Man

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Method Man is struggling right now, just like everybody else. The tax man just payed him a visit and took his Navigator as payment: Continue »

Question of The Day: Is Skinny Jeans and Jerkin Gay???

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We have all laughed at the kids and this new skinny jean fad. In the hoods of L.A. the highschoolers are taking it further than just skinny jeans. They have created a dance to compliment their new steez, Jerkin.

We here at Bossip can’t fade it, but, we understand these are kids trying to blaze their own path’s.

Pop the hood and watch the high school click, Power Rangers, do their thing. Continue »


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