Some Friday Morning Cake

Rosa Acosta

Damn. Here is Rosa Acosta modeling for DreamCurves magazine. If you think she looks good from the back, we’ve got a frontal shot under the hood that’s even better.

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Some Belated Easter Bunny Rabbit Cakes

maliah michel

Here is luscious booty model Maliah Michel all festive for Easter. SMH.

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A Mid Day Banger For The Fellas

Letoya Luckett was spotted at MBK Entertainment’s “We Got The Next Showcase Part II” at the Highline Ballroom in NYC all close and comfy with her makeup artist AJ Crimson. 

She’s been on the market for a while, are the fellas still checking for her???

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On The Come Up: Olivia’s Still Trying To Make A Comeback

After BOSSIP chopped it up with Olivia, she’s been trying to do her little thang and make a comeback. This month she’s featured in a Right On magazine spread.

Hmmm we can’t call it but at least she’s eye candy for the fellas.

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A.Keys Is Looking Good Nowadays

Alicia Keys hit the stage for her concert in Illinois last night looking real good. Swizzy must be chopping those backs down just right.

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Which One Would You Hit???? Cake Smörgåsbord Edition

This one here is strictly for the fellas. Here are some exclusive BOSSIP photos of some of the hottest broads on the “video vixen” circuit today. Shakur, Rosa Acosta, Avonte, and Suelyn Medieros “cake to cake” and behind the scenes for their “prestigious” Black Men Magazine photo shoot.

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Some Morning Valentine’s Cakes…

If your Valentine’s Day was lonely and boring, Rosa Acosta has just the solution for you. Pop the hood for her late Valentine’s Day cakes special… Continue »

Some Afternoon Cakes

If you were looking for cakes you know we got ‘em… And there’s plenty more where these came from. Pop the hood for a much better look. Continue »

Some Afternoon Cakes

This lil banger is a birthday girl! Dollicia Bryan turned her cakes to the camera for her Grammy night birthday party flyer. Look under the hood to find out which superstar rapper she chose to co-host her bash, and the lil subliminal she may have been sending with that heater. Continue »

Some Morning Cakes

How ’bout some honey buns this morning to get the day started right? You’ll have to look under the hood to check out what Renee Divine is serving. Continue »

Another One Of Ray J’s Hoes Is Out Of Pocket

When they’re not going 730, smashing the homies or taking up with Trey Songz, Ray-J’s hoes are always good for some near-naked internet fun. It shouldn’t be too hard to tell who got their naughty on this time, but pop the hood for a better view Continue »

Sports Illustrated Model Jessica White In A Swirl Sandwich

We already knew Jessica White was down with the swirl, but this picture of her taking a double dose of cream in her coffee was just too priceless to pass up. Pop the hood for photos of Jess dangling her coconuts in front of the camera. Continue »

Some Afternoon Cakes

Pop the hood to see why this pint-sized piece calls herself the 8th Wonder Continue »

Madonna’s Cougar Meat Appears to be Slackin’ in His Package!!!

20-year-old Jesus Luz, better known as Madonna’s man meat has some new pics. From the looks of it, Jesus doesn’t look like he’s working with much. On the other hand, Madonna is skin and bones, so it probably doesn’t take much to please her.

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Top 10 Things Men and Women Do that Destroy Relationships

Everyone is always talking about what people lack in relationships and why they don’t last, but what about the things people do consistently that destroy relationships. We found a list that gives 10 reasons that men and women will walk away and it does NOT include cheating.

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