SUPERBOWL BOUND! The Green Bay Packers VS The Pittsburgh Steelers

After all the dust settled, all the sh*t-talk ceased, and all the fans stopped screaming, only 2 remain. Continue »

How To Manage Common Sexual Mishaps

couple in bed

Even the most seasoned or talented bedroom champ can experience some frustrating or embarrassing moments between the sheets. Continue »

Some Saturday Boobage

teiarra mari cleavage

Man, Teiarra Mari sure does have a nice rack. Continue »

Is Tim Cook The Most Powerful Gay Man In The World???

Obviously, there are many gay men in fashion and entertainment that have amassed an exorbitant amount of wealth, but none of them can wield the kind of power that Tim Cook can. Continue »

UFC President Dana White Says Women Will “Never” Fight In His Octogon

Sounds like the UFC isn’t trying to let the ladies catch fade, but we can’t figure out why. Everybody likes to watch a cat fight. Continue »

Hate It Or Love It?! Jimmy Choo Kicks For Dudes

Hot or Not? Jimmy Choo For Dudes

One of the first on the scene to deliver women a sick shoe game, Jimmy Choo gets hip Continue »

Rumor Control: Word On The Street Is That A Certain R&B Singer Caught Fade With Jeremih! Guess Who???

Looks like somebody had to check the younger homie, Jeremih, when he got a lil out of pocket with the groupies ladies. Continue »

[New Music] Rihanna feat. J.Cole “S&M” (remix)

Raggedy red-head RiRi brings along light-skinned Jermaine for a little kinky audio sex on her remix for “S&M” Continue »

10 Relationship Arguments That No One Wins

I was once asked by someone, “What’s the point of arguing? It doesn’t accomplish anything.” Continue »

Some Afternoon Thickums

Kai Morae Apple Bottoms 2011

Here’s the first look at the new Apple Bottoms campaign featuring Lisa Raye‘s thicky banger daughter Kai Morae. Continue »

FYI: 47 Million Packages Of Tylenol And Sudafed Are Recalled Due To Procedural Mishandling

We just wanted to put ya’ll up on game…

Johnson & Johnson said Friday it is recalling nearly 47 million packages of Tylenol, Sudafed and other nonprescription drugs manufactured at a Pennsylvania facility that has already been subject to a series of massive recalls, battering the company’s household brand.

The latest recall affects certain lots of Tylenol, Benadryl and Sudafed products because of insufficient cleaning procedures, though the company does not believe that quality was impacted. The company also recalled certain lots of Rolaids tablets because they do not include certain labeling information.

The recalls are aimed at wholesalers in the U.S., the Caribbean and Brazil. Consumers do not have to take any action, the company said. Consumers who have the products can continue using them.

All of the products were made at the company’s plant in Fort Washington, Pa., before it was shuttered in April following a Food and Drug Administration investigation. FDA inspectors found a slew of manufacturing problems at the plant, including equipment covered with thick layers of dust and others held together with duct tape.

We suggest using the “generic” brand of pain reliever until this thing passes. Just a thought.


Ain’t Nobody Humpin’ Around: Studies Show Japanese Population Is Rapidly Losing Interest In Having Sex

Sheeeeeeeeeeit, we can’t figure out why! There are some beautiful Japanese women that we’d love to…well, that’s not important. Continue »

Exclusive Pics: Behind The Scenes Of The Video Shoot For Doll Phace feat. Snoop Dogg “Lets Go To Vegas”

We’ve gotten our hands on some exclusive behind the scenes pics of artist/CEO Doll Phace video for “Lets Go To Vegas” featuring Snoopy D-O-double-Gizzle. Continue »


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