Advice For Sisters Who Get Too “Loud”

Who is the “loud” sister? She’s the one everyone can hear cackling on her phone in the break room. She is the woman heard throughout restaurants. She’s the chick yelling across parking lots. Continue »

Hate It or Love It?!?! Oprah’s OWN Channel Debuts To Mixed Reviews

The maiden voyage of Oprah’s new flagship set sail on Saturday and although the expectations were sky high for the media mogul the critics aren’t quite ready to bathe her in praise just yet.

…Caryn James, the former New York Times critic who now blogs at IndieWire, wrote that the network had “a whiff of spirituality, a huge amount of life-style fluff, and a surprising layer of substance,” though she cautioned that the shows on offer–which include reality shows centered around celebrities such as the Judds, Shania Twain and Sarah Ferguson, as well as programs with Oprah stablemates like Dr. Phil and Gayle King–were not for the non-Oprah fans out there. James sounded an optimistic note about some of the more serious documentary programming to come on the channel as well.

Salon’s Matt Zoller Seitz committed himself to watch an entire day of the network. Zoller Seitz assured readers that he was not a fan of Oprah, and that he had begun his experiment by resolving not to “succumb to [Oprah's] cult-of-personality Amway malarkey.” He had plenty of bile for some of the shows on the channel, and wrote that the theme song almost had him “weaving a noose from nylon recycling twine and scrawling a farewell note.”

However, he wrote, the channel slowly started to work its way into his brain, and he found himself starting to care about Jay-Z while watching an episode of OWN’s “Master Class,” where celebrities talk about their life and talents. By the end of the day, Zoller Seitz said, “I have succumbed to Stockholm syndrome and am making lists of clutter to remove from my own home and resolving to enroll immediately in a cooking class…damn you, Oprah Winfrey, and Happy New Year.”

The most negative review came from The Root’s Jennifer Mabry. She pronounced herself “disappointed” by the programming for OWN, which, she said, “seems content to follow the new television model of programming that exploded in the wake of the 2008 Hollywood writers’ strike: Find anyone with a heartbeat and a willingness to have cameras follow them during their ordinary day-to-day life, and voilà — we’ve got ourselves a TV show!”

Listen, nevermind these critics, Oprah didn’t make all that money by putting her name on some bullsh*t. The Miami Heat started the season on shaky ground too, and now look at them. Fall back and watch how this thing plays out…haters!

How many of you all watched the programs on OWN this weekend? What was your impression?


For Discussion: If The Love Is Gone, Should You Leave The Marriage Or Wait For Love To Return

Jennifer Williams Eric Williams Basketall Wives VH1

Last night’s episode of VH1’s “Basketball Wives” featured a very uncomfortable, albeit way overdue conversation between the show’s one original married couple: Eric and Jennifer Williams. And it raised a few questions. Continue »

Who’s Real, Who’s Fake: Which Stars Have Real Or Fake Cakes

Ladies are notorious for wanting a curvier figure and the same can be said for women in Hollywood. Continue »

For The Fellas: Nicki Minaj Breaks Down What Kind Of Man Gets To Play In Her “Pink Friday”

Since her arrival on the rap scene there has been a lot of speculation as to whether or not Onika is chasing the cat, but in the new issue of King Magazine, she breaks down what she needs in a MAN! Continue »

Talk About C**kblockin’…Phoenix Man Shoots Up Strip Club, 2 People Killed

Brings a whole new meaning to “Making It Rain On Them Hoes”.

Sgt. Tommy Thompson says a 28-year-old man walked into the Great Alaskan Bush Company shortly before midnight Sunday and started shooting, hitting four people before he ran out of ammunition.

Thompson says people inside the club wrestled the man to the ground and held him until officers arrived.

The first victim is identified as a 34-year-old man who died from gunshot wounds after being rushed to a hospital. Police have not released information on the second person who died, other than he is an adult male.

Another man and a 20-year-old woman were hospitalized with gunshot wounds. Thompson didn’t have details on their conditions.

Homie, you couldn’t have waited until whoever you were looking for came OUT the club??? You just HAD to fawk it up for everybody huh?? People paid good money to enjoy some boobies and here you go shootin’ and ISHT…SMH


Moments When First Date Sex Is Understandable

Sex on the first date is typically a bad idea, for a myriad of reasons. Continue »

The Darker The Berry The Sweeter The Juice: Top Notch Mocha Colored Honeys

Gabrielle Union Kelly Rowland Venus Williams

When it comes to the standard of beauty in the African American community, Hollywood has one depiction- and it’s usually light. But Black women come in a variety shades and as the old adage goes, the darker the berry the sweeter the juice. Continue »

FYI: New Study Shows That 33% Of Americans Are Damn Near Living In Poverty

Although there are many people still seeking employment in our struggling economy, the people that actually have jobs aren’t doing significantly better than those that don’t. Continue »

Good Morning Cakes: Lil Weezy Ex-Skee-O Tammy Torres

Lil Wayne took a moment during his new single to dedicate to one Miss Tammy Torres, but we don’t think it was the kind of shout out she was looking for… Continue »

Who Looked More Bangin?

Amerie Rosa Acosta

Amerie, her big azz rock and Rosa Acosta were spotted in Miami celebrating Amerie’s little sister’s birthday. Continue »

For The Fellas: Was This Really Necessary???

Vanessa Veasley Show Magazine

Here is Vanessa Veasley‘s recent Show Magazine cover shot, before and after Photoshopping. We don’t see anything wrong with the “before” picture, but fellas (and ladies), we’ve gotta ask… Continue »

Some Mid-Morning Cakes

This ain’t ya grandmoms holiday fruit cake…. Continue »


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