Who Looked More Bangin???

Last night in Miami Kelly Rowland was doing her “step and repeat” thing at Vogue Magazine’s event, while Christina “It-Was-All-A-Dream” Milian was seen in NYC at ABC’s Family Winter Wonderland at Rockefeller Centre. Continue »

Allllrighty Then: Did Jim Carrey Switch Sides On Us Too!?!?!?

The answer is “no” (as far as we can tell) Continue »

Happy Birthday Trina!! Damn Girl, That Azz Still Fat At 35, 32 30 (??)

We’d like to take this time to wish Katrina Laverne Taylor a very happy birthday! And celebrate her beauty booty. Continue »

How Men Talk Themselves Out Of Sex

You know that part in John Legend’s “Greenlight” song when Andre 3000 says “I heard you when you told your girl, ‘Oooh, he can get it.’” There’s this idea that women know almost instantly whether they will sleep with a man or not. This is partially true. Continue »

Debunking Myths About African-American Haircare

No matter how bad the economy plummets, one thing that won’t hit rock bottom is the maintenance of a black woman’s hair. It’s almost an obsession to grow, color, or change our hair to complement our moods.

Most of us have conducted our own research, consulted our stylists, and even trusted some of our girlfriends. Still, there are many myths to be debunked when it comes to black hair care.

Head to MadameNoire.com for eight issues that most of us want to know about our hair.

Some Mid-Morning Cakes…And Biscuits

This amazing specimen named Laeann Amos is actually a 2-for-one, with cakes and motorboat potential. Make you wanna sop her up with a biscuit, cotdamn!

Sidenote: Does anyone else think she favors Lauryn Hill a little bit??


Little Morning Greased Up Poochy Pooch Hall With A Splash Of Raven Symone

Pooch KONTROL Magazine

Pooch Hall has made his way from nobody to somebody in the world of Black Hollywood. Playing Derwin on “The Game” maybe not be the brightest role that he will come across but he sure as hell as the body for it. Only if all NFL player had bodies like this one… would you like it greased up like a buttered biscuit swimming in gravy???

Also Check Out The Rest of Raven Symone Photo Shoot… Continue »

Some (Not So) Black, Friday Cakes

Tiffhoney asian cakes asian model asian king magazine webgirl

Good to see the “prestigious” King Magazine doesn’t discriminate when it comes to cakes! Continue »

Here’s A Holiday Sex Tip: Pumpkin Pie Can Help Your Man … Get It Up For Some Holiday Loving!!!


With the cold weather creeping up on everyone for the holidays, this is a great time for you and your significant other to start making body heat. Everyone will make their way to some kind of family/friend function full of food and drinks. Now, when the desserts start flowing make sure you grab your boy toy a piece of pumpkin pie because word is… Pumpkin Pie gets the blood and your man will be at “ATTENTION“!!! Continue »

Great Googly Moogly That Thang Is Juicy! Nicki Minaj Featured In Black Mens Magazine

Lil Kim can be mad at Onika Maraj all she wants. Bottom line is, she ain’t got no where near this kinda body!! Continue »

Some Early Morning Cakes

Cubana Lust

Gooooooood Morning! We got them early morning cakes for you, this time coming courtesy of Show Magazine Web Gems Cubana Lust and L.A. Brown. Continue »

Some Morning Cakes: The Double Whooty Edition

Black Lingerie Magazine Covers Coco Amazin Amie

We showed you the Amazin’ Amie cover of Show Magazine’s Black Lingerie Issue the other day, but when we saw some shots from Coco’s Show spread we had to bring Amie back for a little big whooty battle. Continue »

Some Morning Cakes

Show Magazine Keyshia Dior black lingerie issue

Gucci Mane’s breezy Keyshia Dior, Amazin Amie, Chad Ochocinco’s jawn Ophilia and LA Brown are featured on four separate covers for Show Magazine’s “Black Lingerie” Special Edition Continue »

Some Afternoon Cakes

Kaeo Black stairwell

Meet Kaeo Black, KING-mag.com’s Webgirl of the Week. Continue »