For The Ladies: How To Get Your Mack On In The Club

It’s Friday night and you feel like getting fly and hitting the club with your girls. Continue »

Jagged Edge, Ludacris, Kelly Price & More Celebrate 2nd Season of ATL Live on the Park [Pics]

Last night kicked off what is sure to be another great season of performances at the Atlanta Live On The Park showcase. Continue »

We Broke It Here First: Breezy Gets His All-Black-Everything On For GQ Italia’s Style Issue

Chris Brown For GQ Italia

Check out the first shots from Chris Brown‘s upcoming spread for GQ Italia’s upcoming Style issue. Continue »

Not a Total Betty But a Vast Improvement: Wiz Khalifa Releases New Promo Pictures

As the March 22 release date for his Rolling Papers album quickly approaches, rapper Wiz Khalifa is posing for new promo shots for his waiting fans. Continue »

Fountain Of Youth Flow: Celebrities Who Don’t Age

LL Cool J Iman

While some celebs pay money for botox and plastic surgery to maintain their youthful appearance some are naturally blessed with baby faces and good genes. Continue »

How To Let Him Know You’re Not Interested

So you’ve met him. He’s charming, funny, smart excellent. The only problem is you’re not attracted to him. Continue »

Imperfectly Perfect: What You Should Realistically Expect Out Of Love

Blossoming love is bliss—expensive dinners, long walks on the pier, late nights on the phone. It feels good to have someone by your side, someone to call a lover and a friend.

During the honeymoon stage (or first three months), we often put on a façade. Not only do they never see us barefaced, but we tone down characteristics that would initially turn a man off. The woman that may be prone to fussing, acts as if she is habitually content; and, the brash woman is suddenly coy. We have been fine-tuned to do what is necessary to get what we want, even if it means playing down our authentic selves. For this reason the expectations for love are unrealistic, because they are based on diluted truths.

How much more genuine would our relationships be if we didn’t hide behind the desire for reciprocation? How much easier would it be to make it past the honeymoon if we wore our true colors? So many of our relationships and marriages fail as a result of fairy tale expectations:

Which One Would You Hit: Yeezy & Kid Crudy Vs. Birthday Boy Common

Common Kanye West Kid Cudi Common Surprise Birthday Party Los Angeles

Common was spotted recovering from his butt-naked movie face at his surprise birthday party last night. Continue »

Who Wants To See Tracy Morgan Topless??

Tracy Morgan seen wielding a toy sword while topless in freezing weather on the set of '30 Rock' by the East River in Astoria Park

Tracy Morgan and his ashy a*s stomach were seen Continue »

Men That Bring Out Our Inner Cougar

Romeo Miller

Have you ever looked at a younger brother on screen and wondered if your attraction was legal in at least 47 states? Continue »

The Ultimate Indisputable List Of Universally Fine Men

Michael Ealy

Maybe, just maybe, you have some more names to add to this list, but you absolutely can’t dispute the legitimacy of anyone here. Continue »

The NFL Lockout Has Officially Begun And It May Be A Long Time Before It’s Over

We all hoped that it would never come to this but unfortunately there will be a work stoppage this NFL season because the millionaires and the billionaires can’t get along. Continue »

Which One Is Packin??? Nas Vs. Santonio Holmes

nas santonio

Nas was spotted out on Robertson Blvd. and Santonio Holmes was in NYC at the Parlour Midtown. Continue »


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