He Says He Can’t Get Married Until…

Once you get past a certain age marriage talk becomes the topic of conversation whether you want it to or not. Continue »

Who’s The Boss?: Is Ursher’s Cougar Boo Taking Over His Career And Firing His Staff???

“Yeah whatup homie, it’s Ursher baby. Yeah, I gotta fire you dog. Ye…yeah, my…my girl said she’s not feelin’ y’all soooo…it’s been real, later.” Continue »

Don’t Be THAT Mom!

Motherhood is one of life’s greatest joys, so it’s not surprising that some (well, a lot) of women become consumed with their new role. Continue »

5 Questions You Should Never Ask Your Man

Some things are better left unsaid; or better yet, left un-asked. For those of you who consider your relationship with your significant other, the closest thing to a best friend outside of your girls, there are still some things that should only be discussed amongst your girls.

Sometimes we ask questions that we really don’t want to know the answer to, unless it’s a compliment to our egos; then there are those questions that we may consider somewhat harmless but leave a man feeling uncomfortable.

Check out these five questions that you should never ask your man at MadameNoire.com. Are you guilty?

10 Influential Celebrity Hair Chameleons

Erykah Badu

Despite what people have believed, or rather, inadvertently forced us to think, black hair is as amazing as it gets. Continue »

Caught Up: 5 Unhealthy Things Women Do for Love

Most people, men and women, do want love- and that’s a great goal to have. Continue »

How To Actually Enjoy Dating

All the single ladies out there know that delving back into the dating pool can be a little scary Continue »


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