For The Ladies: Lil Romeo Says He’ll Take Off His Shirt And Show Off His Ripped Abs If You Vote For Him On DWTS

romeo miller shirtless</a

In a recent interview with, Romeo Miller reveals that he will show off his newly riped bawwddyyy Continue »

For Discussion: Do Opposites Really Attract???

Is it true that opposites attract? If so, exactly how does that work? Continue »

10 Things They Don’t Tell You About Going Natural

There’s this “new” movement amongst black women. We don’t know if you’ve heard about it. Continue »

True Or False?? Kimmy Cakes Is Preggo With A Gut Full Of Humphries

Kim Kardashian at the Knicks game looking pregnant

Last night Kimmy Cakes attended the Knicks game at Madison Square Garden with BFF and REAL basketball wife LaLa and something looked a lil funny about Kim’s stomach area… Continue »

A “Lil Positivity”: Nicki Minaj, Bey Bey, And Slim Shady Are All On Deck For “Songs For Japan” Charity Album

Nicki Minaj and Beyonce

An all-star line-up of artists have contributed their works to aid the relief efforts for the victims of the disaster in Japan. Continue »

Does He Want To Be Your Man?

You like the dude, he’s definitely not your man (yet), but you want to get there. Problem is, you’re getting a little static from his end. Is he feeling you or what? If your guy exhibits three or more of the following behaviors, it’s time to hang it up.

Check out the “Feelin’ You” Quiz at

Eigth Ways To Make A (Black) Man Run

Thanks to the decline in societal morals and values, the quality of men continues to dwindle. Continue »


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