Jesus Take The Wheel: BYU Boots Center Brandon Davies For Chopping Down Some Mormon Backs!!

This has gotta be tough on the kid. It isn’t like he sexually assualted someone or committed a crime, just a lil hanky-panky with his girlfriend. Continue »

Relationship Debate: “He Seemed So Interested, But He Never Called!”

Dear China,
I met this guy at a house party. He came up to me and started a conversation. Continue »

For The iStans: Apple Announces The New iPad 2!

Here we go Apple Stan’s get your credit cards ready! Continue »

New Black Kid on The Block: HipHop Ghostwriter Medina Got Shat on by Hov: ‘I’ve Been Jacked by the Best’ [Video]

Bossip Fam, meet Medina a.k.a 6 Milly! This guy’s been behind the scenes of the music industry for years now and, apparently, that’s where some of hiphop’s biggest stars would like to keep him!

Continue »

Must Have Hair Accessories

bold make up

When it comes to trying new hairstyles and becoming comfortable with them, it’s all about embracing accessories. Continue »

I Don’t Care If You Touch My Hair

Esperanza Spalding

During a post-Grammy interview with the Associated Press, overnight sensation Justin Bieber performed the ultimate Black-girl no-no when he reached out to pat Esperanza Spalding’s ‘fro. Black women across America went into an uproar…Over hair? Continue »

How To Intensify His Desire To Make Love

Good things come to those who wait and the best sexual encounters are all about the build up. Continue »

Hi Hater: Louis Farrakhan Blasts Rih Rih And White Folks, But Praises The Church Of Scientology???

The ever-irreverent Minister Louis Farrakhan is back on his bull-sh*t and gives people a piece of his mind about Redheaded Rih-Rih and boy oh boy do we feel him! Continue »

The 9 Best Black Sitcom Theme Songs

This is definitely a list that will walk you down memory lane. Continue »