Damn Dad: Columbus Short Discusses His Family On Arsenio Hall — “My Daughter Is Ratchet” [Video]

Columbus, what a sweet thing to say about your daughter. Continue »

Random Ridiculousness: LA College Student Allegedly Defrauds Victims To Pay For Tuition And Hair Extensions [Video]

Schemin’ for people off for weave?! SMH. Continue »

SMH: Daycare Suspends 2-Year-Old Girl For Bringing Cheese Sandwich [Video]

This is what’s goin’ on up in Drake-ville? Keeping kids outta class for cheese sandwiches?! SMH Continue »

Medical Breakthrough?: Long Beach Baby Reportedly Beats HIV Within Hours Of Being Born! [Video]

This is a huge step in the fight against HIV.

Skin Color Politics: Was African Model Ajak Deng Cancelled From Balmain’s Paris Fashion Week Show For Being “Too Black”?

Wait, isn’t Balmain’s designer black though? Continue »


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