Shelter For The “Homeless”: Kris Jenner Confirms Kimmy Cakes And Yeezy Will Be Moving Into The Kardashian Family Krib


Thank goodness Kris is letting them crash… God forbid they have to spend some of that gwap on a telly! Continue »

Lawsuits: Judge Awards Gay Jewish Activist $3.5 Milli In Molestation Suit Against His Own Creepy Cousin!


This guy can now dry his tears with Benjamin Franklins! Continue »

Do You Believe Him? Dj Baby Drew Says He Will Be On Tour With Breezy Gettin That Scrilla, Denies Chris Kicked Him To The Curb

chris baby drew

Chris gave this guy life because outside of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, who the phuck knows this dude. Continue »


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