Kush Chronic-les: Illinois Becomes The Newest State To Successfully Legalize That Good Medical Green!

Mary Jane

Roll that isht, light that isht, smoke that isht…if you are medically cleared to do so. Continue »

Put On Blast: O.J. Simpson Tries To Blame Lawyer For Robbery Conviction, Lawyer Claps Back And Says “I Told Him To Call The Cops”


O.J., dude they not letting you out. You’re like Charles Manson. You can come up for parole a million times, but it just ain’t happening boo. Continue »

Making It Rain On Them Hoes: $600 Million Powerball Jackpot Is Crowned The World’s Second Biggest Lottery Prize Ever!


Best believe we got our office pool poppin’…if we win, it’s been nice knowing y’all! LMAO Continue »


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