For Discussion: Boston Bombing Victims Told To “Lower Expectations,” Relief Fund Won’t Pay Out Enough Money


It’s like the Boston bombing victims were violated once by losing their lives and limbs and now their being violated a second time by not being properly compensated for their loss. Continue »

Ho Sit Down: Choreographer Wade Robson Sues Michael Jackson’s Estate Claiming He Molested Him


Michael molested you and you wait all these years to come forward? Sounds real suspect homie. Continue »

Lawsuits: Lil Kim Sued By Her Former Business Manager, Says Her “Money-Grubbing” Antics Cost Him $15 Million

lil kim

People are suing Lil Kim, but what really needs to happen is Lil Kim needs to sue her plastic surgeon for the tragedy that is her face. Continue »

Get Your Life Together: Layzie Bone Popped By One-Time For Driving With A Suspended License Warrant

layzie bone

Layzie you have made too much money to get arrested over some dumb ish like driving with a suspended license. Continue »


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