Race Matters: Black Workers At Siemens Plant File Charges Over Noose Left In Locker Room, Metal Shank Rigged To Slice Machinist

Racial Discrimination At Siemens

Black Workers File Charges Over Racial Discrimination At Siemens Plant

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Anything BUT African! Applachia’s Melungeon People Upset To Learn Their Real Roots Aren’t Portuguese, Turkish Or Gypsy

This is some pretty interesting stuff as far as genealogy goes, but the reaction of these Appalachian folk goes to show — some folks will do anything not to be “Black”. Continue »

Just Can’t Get Enough! GQ Releases Outtakes From That Dope A$$ D’Angelo Interview

GQ D'Angelo

D’Angelo Talks About The Frustrations Of Fame And Why He Hates The Term Neo-Soul

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Has Kanye Already Popped The Big Question???

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West share their first pictured kiss during the "Cruel Summer" presentation during the 65th Annual Cannes Film Festival on May 23, 2012 in Cannes, France.

Kanye West Has Already Proposed To Kim Kardashian

Rumors that Kim and Yeezy have been talking marriage have been running rampant almost since the beginning of their new relationship. Continue »

FINALLY! VH1 Gives Us A Good Look At The Ladies Of “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta”

Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta

Photos Of The Cast Of “Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta”

After all the hunting and gathering we did to find you some shots of the “Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta” cast Continue »

Doctors Declare Afghan Woman Whose Husband Chopped Off Her Nose And Ears “Too Unstable” For Reconstructive Surgery

An Afghan woman who once graced the cover of TIME Magazine after being mutilated for trying to flee her Taliban husband is still struggling with her new life. Continue »