Race Matters: First Black Female Computer Science PhD Claims Blacks Don’t Want To Be Considered “Nerds Or Geeks”


Kyla McMulle is the first Black woman to graduate with a Computer Science Doctorate from the University Michigan Continue »

Breezy Is Still Diggin All In RihRih’s Cakes Despite Her “Dating” Matt Kemp

rihanna love triangle chris brown matt kemp

Hey we have an idea, Karrueche, meet Matt Kemp, Matt Kemp meet Karrueche! Continue »

5-Year-Old Nailla Robinson Kidnapped And Found After Unknown Burqa-Clad Woman Signs Her Out From School!

Nailla Robinson

So NO ONE from the faculty at the school asked who this b!t#h was?!?!?! Continue »

Get Well: Stuart Scott Announces That His Cancer Has Returned


Our prayers are with one of our favorite ESPN hosts this morning, Stuart Scott Continue »


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