Jesus Take The Wheel: 1 In 13 Teenage Girls In America Have Unprotected Multiple Partner Sex

teens multiple partner sex

Parents, if you have teenage daughters, please read this: Continue »

Elsewhere In The World: Psycho North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Il Died Over The Weekend

Kim Jong Il Dead At Age 69

It’s the end of an era… which may or may not be a good thing for the people of North Korea. Continue »

Must Be Nice: A Gallery Of Some Of The Most Expensive Cribs In The Whole Damn World!

We all want to live in a nice place, but these ballerific abodes go above and beyond! Continue »

It’s Official! Chris “CP3″ Paul Is Now Playing For The City Of Los Angeles…

Did the Lakers FINALLY score the All-Star point gaurd that they wanted so badly??? Continue »

It’s A Celebration!!! Today OFFICIALLY Marks The End Of The War In Iraq

US Officially Ends War In Iraq On December 15

We’re celebrating today, not because we “won a war,” but because so many families are about to be reunited. Continue »

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