Ho Sit Down: The Parents Television Council Is Shocked That Rih Rih’s “Man Down” Video Depicts Murder

Rihanna Man Down video

At some point, parents have to be able to determine what’s inappropriate enough for their kid that they need to turn the TV off, without making a federal case about it. Continue »

Congratulations: Biggie’s Daughter Tyanna Graduates From High School!!

Can you believe that Big has been dead so long that his daughter is graduating high school??? Continue »

Where Is Kim Porter?

Kim Porter Single Ladies

Somebody got a J-O-B that doesn’t include a perm box! Continue »

Undying Love: Atlanta Model’s Boyfriend Tells His Heart-Wrenching Account Of The Night He Lost His Girlfriend

This is one of the saddest stories we’ve ever heard, get ya Kleenex… Continue »


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