Martin Luther “The Kang” III Has His Own “Dream”…To Be Part Owner Of The New York Mets!!

His daddy would be proud of him, there aren’t many black sports franchise owners period, much less in baseball. Continue »

UPDATE: What’s Beef? Taco Bell Fires Back Against Critics Who Talk Ish About Their Food!!

Taco Bell is NOT playin’! We’re actually kind of surprised that it even took this long before they responded, but here it is nonetheless. Continue »

10 Ways We Can Stop Fatherless Homes

Fatherless homes are at the root of a lot of problems in the black community. Continue »

Jesus Take The Wheel: Day 5 Of The Wildin’ Out, Chaos In Cairo Continues

Good brother Malcolm said “By any means necessary” and clearly the Egyptian people LIVE by that sh*t… Continue »

How To Get Over That Man


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re most likely aware of the negative media blitz surrounding Steve Harvey after his second ex-wife (Mary L. Harvey) released several YouTube videos depicting him as an unfaithful, manipulative, and selfish ex-husband Continue »

Ten Of 2011′s Fattiest Fast Foods

Fast food

Quick, greasy, fast food accounts for a number of the health issues in America including obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure Continue »

11 Artists You Should Know In 2011

Artists to watch 2011

Last week we brought you a list of the most anticipate albums of the year. This week, we thought we’d introduce you to some of the artists we’re keeping an eye on this year. Continue »

Sh*t Is Real In Egypt: Violent Political Protest Enters Day Three

Egyptian Riot Police

On Monday, we told you about civil unrest in Tunisia. Folks in Egypt are going through it this week too, as they fight for a new level of political freedom. Continue »

Secrets Married Couples Don’t Tell You

Married couple

Married couples belong to a secret society that no one is privy to before walking down the aisle. Continue »

Charles Barkley Decides To Bow Out Of Politics For The Time Being…

C’mon now Chuck, you never had a chance at winning anyway… Continue »

Sizzling Chocolate Horoscopes

You know you need to see what the stars have lined up for you! Continue »

President Obama Puts It DOWN In His State Of The Union Address!

President Barack Obama came ready for action in last nights State of The Union Address, where he spoke passionately about the nations economy, education, and future endeavors. Continue »