Can You Guess Which Of These Former U.S. Presidents Allegedly Also Had A Boyfriend On The Side??

New Tell-All Reveals Former President's Secret Gay Affair

Well, you know the 60s and early 70s were all about that free love… Rumor has it, one of the distinguished gentlemen above didn’t limit that freedom to love to the ladies. Can you guess which one? Continue »

True Or False: Is Baby-Bump Bey-Bey Bound To Bust Out Her Gut Full Of Camel Sometime Today???

Has the time finally arrived for Jay and Bey to welcome their new addition to the family?? Continue »

Update: Heavy D’s Cause Of Death Finally Released And It Had Something To Do With Michael Jackson???

Rapper Heavy D's Cause Of Death Released

Almost two months since his untimely death, the L.A. Coroner’s office has finally determined what killed Heavy D. Continue »

A Lil’ Holiday Positivity: Yeezy Dedicates A Surprisingly Human Moment To The People Of ‘Hispanola’

Kanye West Waxes Philosophical About The Plight Of The Haitian People On Twitter

Most of you don’t even know where “Hispanola” is… even if you’ve been there. Continue »

Crock Of Mess: Steve Harvey Mentors Young Black Men… [Video]

Yeah, Steve wants to mentor your son on how to go through 3 wives and sets of kids… like him. Because, we all know that’s what we need more of… black men who are unreliable husbands-fathers.

**FIXED** Gone Home To Glory: The Notable Names That Passed Away In 2011 Part 1

We tip a fortyyyyyy to ya’ memoryyyyy… Continue »


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