Some Throwback Positivity: Old Contract Shows The Beatles Used Their Popularity To Fight Segregation

Old Contract Shows The Beatles Took A Stand Against Segregation Where Performances Were Concerned

Apparently, The Beatles were about activism and equality long before they grew their hair out and started doing heavy duty drugs. Continue »

Troy Davis Executed In Georgia After US Supreme Court Denied His Final Appeal

US Supreme Court Denies Troy Davis' Final Appeal

After deliberating for about three hours, the US Supreme Court denied Troy Davis‘ final appeal to cancel his execution last night. Continue »

Big Boi, Russell Simmons And More Urge You To Continue To Fight For Troy Davis, But Is It Too Late??

Online Protest Continues For Troy Davis Hours Before Execution

Since last night, the movement to spread awareness about Troy Davis’ case and prevent his execution has been in hyperdrive on Twitter. Continue »

50 Cent’s Version Of The Ray J And Fabolous “Fight” Is Pure Comedy: Ray J Swung But… It Just Didn’t Land

50 Cent and Mayweather

50 Cent just killed Ray J’s story and put him on FULL BLAST! Continue »

Let’s Be Honest “Are Tyler Perry Movies Good For Black Hollywood?” [Video]

“Tyler Perry Movies Are Cinematic Malt Liquor To The Masses”

Allah Take The Wheel: About 70 People Killed In Three Days By Pro-Government Forces In Yemen

 Close To 70 Civilians Killed In Yemen In Span Of Three Days

Didn’t they have a meeting to deal with the realness of s*** in Yemen like 5 months ago??? Continue »


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