Will There Be A Chrissy Vs. Kimbella Rematch On “Love & Hip-Hop”?? Plus, What The Show’s Creator Thinks About The Drama

Mona Scott-Young Talks Fights And Drama On Love & Basketball

Be honest: you wouldn’t want to watch these reality shows if it wasn’t for the drama. And the people behind the scenes know this. Continue »

Breaking News: Conrad Murray Sentenced To Maximum Time For Causing Michael Jackson’s Death, But…

Conrad Murray Sentenced To Maximum Penalty Of Four Years In Prison In Michael Jackson Manslaughter Case

Justice has been served: Conrad Murray has been sentenced to four years in prison. But you know things are never that simple in California… Continue »

Elsewhere In The World: Chinese Basketball Association Gets Gangsta With Disgruntled NBA Players…

Looks like NBA Champion Tyson Chandler and several other players are about to be in a tough spot. Continue »

Making Mean Girls: The Effects Of Reality TV On Teenage Girls [Video]

A new survey reveals that girls who regularly watch reality TV expect a higher level of drama and bullying… Continue »


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