Lawsuits: California Tot Gets $10 Milli From Hospital Where ER Delays Caused Amputation Of Her Hands And Feet

Malyia Jeffers

This is such a sad story especially when you consider that permanent damage could have been avoided! Continue »

For The Children: Doctors Are Now Suggesting That HIV Testing Should Be Done Regularly Starting At Age 16

With these kids having sex younger and younger (and with teachers) nowadays, sounds like a good idea… Continue »

Trick Or…Um…Trick: The Hoe-y Halloween Costume Hall Of Fame


Want proof that Halloween is just an excuse for people to dress like they’re on their way to the shake shack? Look no further than these celebrities in their skimpiest costumes. Continue »

“Assemble Your Clan” For A Chance To Win $2,500!

Global Grind Wants You To “Assemble Your Clan” To Win $2,500!

Check out GlobalGrind’s Assemble Your Clan game where you can put together your very own Iron Fists Clique by picking friends from Facebook for a chance to win $2,500. All you have to do is pick up to 4 friends that fit the bill. Who is the Socialite in your clan? The Artist? The Scholar? Also, what would you name your clan? The possibilities are endless!

The game is all about getting the highest score! Your score will be dependent on a bunch of different things. You can also earn points by tweeting, watching videos, sharing articles, and adding Instagram photos, all in the game app.

You’ll be able to track your progress via a leader-board in the game app. Believe us, the prize is worth it! You and your friends have a chance to win $2,500 CASH!

Check it out HERE!

Don’t Eat This Stuff!!! 5 Fat, Calorie, And Sodium Filled Restaurant Meals You Need To Avoid (Pronto)

person having a heart attack

For those of you who tend to indulge in “restaurant food” such as the tasty delectable choices for Outback, IHOP, Applebee’s, TGI Friday’s, etc… Continue »


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