Give The New Year A Healthy Start

When making your new years resolutions this year, why not add a healthier lifestyle to your list? Kick off 2011 with a healthier lifestyle and your mind and body will reap the benefits.

Here are some basic tips that will get you started towards the new, healthier you:

Set 2011 Goals – Do you need to lose weight? Eat healthier? Do you have a fitness plan? Should you join a gym? Map out your individual goals, no matter how big or small, and lets get started!

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FYI: There Are Reports Of iTunes Accounts Being Hacked

With computer hacking at an all time high, it was just a matter of time before some a**hole figured out how to hack your itunes account and get not only your music, but your credit card info as well.

If you have an iTunes account, you might want to check any recent charges.

According to USA Today’s tech blog, 50,000 iTunes accounts have appeared for sale on an online auction site.

Launched in 2001, iTunes allows millions of account holders to download digital copies of music and video.

According to the article, the listings offer access to iTunes accounts for as little as 15 cents. You probably won’t be able to check the listings for your account because the site is in Chinese.

An intrepid reporter for the Chinese Global Times, named Zou Le, broke the story. Le paid $5 for an iTunes username and password, and got access to credit card details and the address of an American iTunes customer.

Long story short, buying things over the internet, while convenient, isn’t the safest thing in the world. It’s a dirty game ya’ll, keep your eyes on your riches, word to Tupac.


Eminem & Rihanna Top The People’s Choice Awards Winner’s List

Rihanna and Eminem Love The Way You Lie

Although the People’s Choice Awards is usually dominated by Pop and Rock, Hip-Hop seemed to be the biggest winner in the 2011 ceremony thanks mostly to Eminem and singer Rihanna. Continue »

10 Reasons Why We Are Losing The “Jasmin Sullivans” [Fixed]

Jazmine Sullivan

It is no secret that 23-year old soul songstress Jazmine Sullivan has a short fuse. On her latest track, “10 Seconds,” the Grammy-nominated singer gave her cheating man a 10-second warning before she started “throwing and breaking s**t”—but who would have guessed that the same deadline applied to the budding singer’s mainstream career. Continue »

American Woman Is Detained By Iranian Authorities After Finding A Mircophone Inside Her Grill!!

Damn what part of the game is THAT!?!? A mircrophone in your TEETH? You got to be really dedicated to your job to put a mic inside your molars…

Iranian authorities have detained a 55-year-old American woman on spying charges, local media reported Thursday.

The state-owned newspaper IRAN said the woman had spying equipment hidden on her body when customs authorities detained her in the border town of Nordouz, 370 miles (600 kilometers) northwest of the capital Tehran. The report said she arrived in Iran from neighboring Armenia without a visa.

The paper identified the woman in Farsi as Hal Talaian and said she was found to have “a microphone” between her teeth. It did not say when she was detained.

But Iran’s semiofficial Fars news agency quoted an unnamed official as saying the woman was taken into custody “about one week ago.”

Armenian authorities had no immediate comment on the reported arrest. The U.S. Embassy in Armenia’s capital Yerevan was closed for the Orthodox Christmas and officials could not be reached.

If the woman’s arrest is confirmed, she would be the fourth American Iran has detained and accused of spying in less than two years.

In July 2009, Tehran detained three Americans who it initially accused of crossing the border illegally from northern Iraq and later accused of spying.

Thats terrible. We’re sure this lovely woman has a perfectly good explanation as to why there is a microphone hidden in her teeth….we’re not sure what that explanation is but we’re sure it’s a good one.


Some Mid-Morning Irony: IRS Agent Could Spend 9 Years In Prison For Cheating On His Taxes!!!

Damn son, you’d think that if you work for the IRS that you would know how to cheat and get away with it, but then again just because you HAVE a job doesn’t mean you’re GOOD at it… Continue »

10 ‘Thank Ya Geezus’ Lessons We’ve Learned From the Recession

They say all that glitters isn’t gold and since 2008, it seems the global economy has been humming along with Lauryn’s famous hook on “All Falls Down.” Continue »

Coons Of The Day: South Carolina Legislature Considers Allowing “Coon Hunters”…

That’s right…leave it to an advanced and forward-thinking state like South Carolina to allow something as blatantly offensive as “Coon Hunters” to enter into law… Continue »

Exclusive: Does Lil’ Wayne Really Have Beef With Brown Skinned Women???

Lil Wayne Reginae Carter

We wrote it off as just a lyric when Lil Wayne said “Beautiful black woman, I bet that b*tch look better red” in his new song “Right Above.” Continue »

Historians Are Saying Barack Obama Is Now The First President To…

OUR President Barack Hussein Obama has broken yet another historic record. He is the 1st president to be photographed in a public place wearing…chancletas? Clap for him, LOL! Continue »

10 Ways To Have A Happy Life Outside Of Work

Are you an ‘under-pressure,’ highly ambitious and productive kind of woman? Continue »

Biggest Myths About African-American Hair

In our quest to outwardly express our inner diva, black women worldwide have sacrificed time and treasure to achieve ravishing ringlets, roller sets and relaxers. Continue »

Jesus Take The Communion Plate!!: Health Department Says Hepatitis A May Been Spread At A Chuch Christmas Day

We’re sure the atheist movement will have a field day with this one. Continue »

Quick Mantras & Meditations That Will Strengthen You in 2011

Kick off the new year with mantras and meditations that can help you heal and look forward to a bright future. Continue »

Advice For Sisters Who Get Too “Loud”

Who is the “loud” sister? She’s the one everyone can hear cackling on her phone in the break room. She is the woman heard throughout restaurants. She’s the chick yelling across parking lots. Continue »


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