They’re Baaaaaaack! Real Housewives Of Atlanta Returns To Bravo This November

season 4 real housewives of atlanta

It’s almost time for the return of Bravo’s beloved Real Housewives of Atlanta and guess what, after all that speculation about new cast members … Continue »

Question Of The Day: Is Michael Vick Being Treated Unfairly By NFL Officials As A Black Quarterback???

Although Michael Vick is one of the NFL premiere stars, he doesn’t seem to get the same treatment from referees like his peers Tom Brady and Peyton Manning… Continue »

Uh-Huh!?! : Britney Spears Gives Beyonce Mommy To Be Some Advice

beyonce and britney

Britney Spears felt that it was her motherly duty to share a couple of words of wisdom with mommy-to-be Beyonce… Continue »

Enough Is Enough: One-Time Comes Down On “Occupy Wall Street” Movement, 85 People Popped On Saturday

Mass Arrests at Occupy Wall Street protests, New York City

In case you didn’t know, a large group of young people organized online and at least partially inspired by protest in the Middle East have been protesting banking institutions for the past week in NYC. Continue »

Question Of The Day: Has President Obama Done Enough To Help Black People In The U.S.??

With black male unemployment at an all time high, do you think the POTUS has worked for our best interest?? Continue »

For Discussion: Do You Think Barack Obama Is As Bad A President As George Bush???

Barack Obama and George Bush

Is President Obama actually making George Bush look like a great leader? Continue »

Some Throwback Positivity: Old Contract Shows The Beatles Used Their Popularity To Fight Segregation

Old Contract Shows The Beatles Took A Stand Against Segregation Where Performances Were Concerned

Apparently, The Beatles were about activism and equality long before they grew their hair out and started doing heavy duty drugs. Continue »


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