To Serve And Park: LAPD Cop Named Stacey Koon Tasered Rodney King’s Azz, Now He Drives A Limo! [Video]

Stacey Koon

Wait, the guy who beat Rodney King was a “Koon”?? Open my door ho! Continue »

Pure Comedy: Jamie Foxx Clowns The Isht Out Of Tyler Perry On “SNL” [Video]

This skit took us back to In Living Color days… Continue »

Name That Donk


You know what time it is… Cakes! Cakes! Cakes! Continue »

Tamar Braxtons Single “Love & War” Debuts At #1 PLUS The Season Finale Of “Tamar & Vince” Airs Tonight! [Video]

Congratulations! Continue »


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