She Hasn’t Learned Her Lesson: Rihanna Tells Ellen “I Want An Aggressive Man” (4 Min) [Video]

SMH… Yes!!! Rihanna IS pointing at her womanly parts saying something about them being in need of action.

Lil Miss Slizzard Slutshine Says She Doesn’t Dig The Single Life Because Her Box Misses Having “Man Meat” Regularly!!

During her taping of ‘The Ellen Degeneres Show’ Rihanna kept it funkier than an old batch of collard greens… Continue »

Cleaned Up Act: Rihanna Performs “We Found Love” On X Factor And Is Not Dressed Skanky!! [Video]

Earlier this week, Rihanna said she was going to tone down her skimpy and provacative dressing style. Continue »

Pill Poppin’ Couple Caught Gettin’ Some Backseat Of The Police Cruiser Lovin’ While Handcuffed!

couple arrested for having sex after arrest while handcuffed in police cruiser

Just when we thought there was nothing more scandalous than being arrested in a Whataburger for prescription drugs SMH… Continue »

11 Reasons We Follow Vanessa Veasley On Instagram

Vanessa Veasley

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Crotchy-licious: What Is Wrong With This Picture?

Baconlube is the world's first bacon-flavored massage oil and personal lubricant.

Nothing at all, if you’re trying to get porkedContinue »

Jerry Sandusky Says He “Horsed Around With Kids” But He’s Innocent Of Charges

Jerry Sandusky

Jerry Sandusky is now running his yap, claiming he loves kids and has touched them, but not with sexual intent. Continue »