Fellas, Would You Hit This???

Maria Jose Cristerna a Mexican tattoo artist who holds the record for extreme transformation, she had horns implanted in her face and had 98% of her body cover with tattoos. She is accompanied by her Physician and surgeon Dr. Alejandro Godoy from Mexico, who is in resposible for her extreme transformation. transformation.

She’s a Guinness World Record Holder, that should count for something riiiiiiiiiiiiiight? Continue »

Freakazoids: HS Football Coach Resigns After Posting Pics Of His Bare Body On Facebook

paul witnee

Another day, another freaky football coach: Continue »

Freaks: XXL Removes Video Of Too Short Giving Jr. High Boys Lessons In “Getting To The Hole”

Too Short

Would you want your kid taking advice from someone who admits their favorite word is “Beyatch”??? Continue »


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