Three’s Company: Mistress Says Anthony Weiner Wanted Three-Way Play With Another Man

anthony weiner

Boy life just keeps getting better for former Congressman Anthony Weiner. Continue »

Epitome Of A Bad Father: German Man Convicted Of Incest Sentenced To Less Than 3 Years For Chopping Down Daughter Because She Couldn’t Prove It Was Rape

Adolf Brickbauer

This sicko was acquitted of rape charges because they couldn’t prove the relationship wasn’t consensual — SMH!!!

A German father accused of raping his daughter for more than 30 years was convicted of incest on Monday.

But in a shocking turn, he was acquitted of rape charges and sentenced to less than 3 years in prison, the Guardian newspaper reported.

Adolf Bergbauer, who was dubbed the “German Fritzi,” after an Austrian man who kept his daughter captive in a windowless cellar for 24 years, claimed his daughter was a “willing participant.”

His daughter, now, 46, claimed her father forced her at knifepoint to have sex with him and was especially violent and demanding when he was drunk, the Guardian reported.

According to the report, Adolf Bergbauer, 69, denied that he had threatened his daughter saying, “Never in my life have I done that.”

The alleged victim also claimed that she had three children, two of whom died and one of whom is disabled, as a result of the rapes. But her father said they were fathered by other men, according to the newspaper.

The court in Nuremberg, however, ruled that there was not enough evidence to prove the relationship wasn’t consensual under German laws.

The victim’s lawyer, Andrea Kuehne, said her client was “shocked and furious” at the denials, according to the paper, while the public is reportedly outraged.

“There is no punishment that could do justice to the whole thing,” said the prosecutor, who asked for a 14-year jail sentence for 500 counts of rape.

Kuehne said her client may appeal the verdict.

This is horrible. Fathers be good to your daughters — definitely do not lock them up in cellars for thirty years


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